Money Secrets You Need To Know

Money Secrets You Need To Know

1. Savings will not make you rich

You need to invest the money saved in the air conditioner to get more of a profit from it. This will help you to be financially stable.

2. Live below your means

Don’t spend too much money on luxury items like: Cell phones, smartwatches only have what is affordable but not so expensive that it surpasses your level

3 The more you study, the more you earn.

Try to make it a reading routine for at least 3 hours a day. In this way, you will learn a variety of things about developing business ideas in various fields

4. The 20/30/50 percent method

Say you won 10,000. This is how you split your money.

Get 20% for savings. This is 20/100 of 10000 = 2000

30% for fun. This is 30/100 of 10000 = 3000

50% for living expenses, eg. Rent, food, clothes. This = 5000

5. Money won’t make you happy 😊

If you want to be happy when you have money, here’s how: if you are a person who loves to travel, travel to various places and have fun and free time with friends or family members. It creates good memory for you and sometimes you can remember and laugh by yourself and this brings happiness. Identify your favorite things that make you happy, own the classics.

6. Use the appropriate length. Avoid creditors such as banks when you have cash for your investment. You can take risks as you grow your business, but be careful not to overdo it.

7. You have an emergency money

Here you can have bank customers and mobile accounts,

Bank / customer for savings and investment.

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