Need A Side Hustle? Learn How To Make Premium Liquid Soap (Multipurpose)

Are you a stay at home? Are you an unemployed graduate? Are you a student that need a source of income? Are you a salary earner that need an extra source of income? Then this post is for you. Learn how to make premium multipurpose liquid soap for sale. This soap can be used for laundry, floors, dishes, bathing and other domestic purposes.

The soap does not contain caustic soda which is harsh on the skin, therefore it can be used for bathing. It also contain pine oil which acts as an antiseptic by killing germs.


This recipe is for a batch of 25 litres. It can be tweaked to your desired quantity

1. Nitrosol – 125g

2. Soda ash – 250g

3. Sulphonic acid – 750ml

4. Texapon – 100g

5. Foam booster/ Sodium Laurel Sulphate – 750ml

6. Pine oil – 100ml

7. Colour – as desired

8. Rose fragrance

9. Water – 25 litres


1. Soak the soda ash in 2 litres of water overnight and set aside.

2. Mix the nitrosol with 10 litres of water.

3. Add the soda ash mix to it and stir.

4. Add sulphonic acid and then texapon and allow it to rise and calm.

5. Stir mixture and add foam booster.

6. Add remaining water

7. Add pine oil

8. Add colour a pinch at a time to give it a light but beautiful colour.

9. Add rose fragrance and stir.

Your liquid soap is ready for packaging. Packaging matters a lot in this business. Package in easy to use containers of 50cl, 1litre, 5 litre and 25 litre. Label accordingly.

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