People With Poverty Mentality Behave In These 5 Ways, Don’t Copy Their Lifestyle

Poverty is a state of being poor. It’s also a condition whereby there is scarcity and lack. Anyone who have been in this position before will understand that it’s an unpleasant experience that is not befitting for human. So, people who can afford to meet their daily needs should never complain. They are not poor.

People who have poverty mentality have a strong belief that they will never have enough money. The reason is because they’ve experienced lack before and it has shaped the way they reason and behave. The funny thing is that, having a poverty mentality doesn’t mean the person is poor. A rich man can have the mind of a poor person, if he allows it.

These are the five behaviours a person with poverty mentality always exhibit.

1. Below Average Lifestyle – just like I mentioned earlier. A rich man can have a poverty mindset. For instance, if you see a rich man who can comfortably afford a car and driver, but decides to be hopping from one commercial motorcycle to another, he has a poverty mindset. Although, to some people, he may appear humble, but there is a difference between being humble and having a poor mindset.

2. Stinginess – they tend to hold on to everything they have because they don’t want it to finish. This is because they’ve experienced lack before and they have the belief that giving will make what they have finish quickly. Not only are they always stingy to the people around, they are always stingy to themselves too. They love to manage a lot, just to make sure the things they have last long, even if they can afford more.

3. Unnecessary expression of amazement – they tend to exaggerate little things and make it look special than it is. That’s the reason you’ll see people take pictures in the toilet of a bank and upload it on Social media or take pictures of food they bought at an eatery. It’s poverty mindset that makes them behave that way and they should not be blamed. It’s because they are not used that kind of lifestyle.

4. Classifying excess possessions as waste of money – people who have poverty mentality tend to think everything should be managed. If they see people who has more than one car or more than a house, they’ll begin to feel as if it’s a waste of money. This is because that’s the way they live their life, they expect everyone should live that way too.

5. Shabby Appearance – when you see a rich man who dresses like someone coming from the farm every time, he has a poverty mentality. They don’t like spending their money to look good and their appearance doesn’t matter to them. Most of them prefer wearing a dress they’ve bought since ten years ago. Buying more clothes is wastage to them. 

These are few of the ways people with poverty mentality can be identified. Don’t ever copy their lifestyle because you only live once. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured

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