Prepare Your Peanut At Home With N500 Only, Simple, And Easy [PHOTOS]

Wondering about the trick in N500 Peanut Preparation? The problem isn't an invasion because many people don't know that it's very easy to make peanuts, but also very cheap

Learn how your home peanuts can be prepared with # 500:

So I’d share my experience with you today.

Wondering about the trick in N500 Peanut Preparation? The problem isn’t an invasion because many people don’t know that it’s very easy to make peanuts, but also very cheap. After you read this article you won’t have to buy peanuts all the time.

How do I get my N500 peanut?

1: Get 1 cup of flour, you can get more flour just at the beginning, depending on how much you like.

Just N50 costs the meal.

2. Have 2 eggs at the market or in certain wholesalers of eggs, that is N100, even without a market visit, get two {2} eggs for a beginning.

3: Get sugar and milk from yourself, you might buy it if you don’t have one. It will cost at least N100 for riches.

4: get saturated vegetable oil, at least 2 3 saturated oil packs, cost N100

5: Get groundnuts, selling rice and beans from a grain shop, please note that groundnuts can not be a friend of groundnuts, but new.

That gives us N500 in total.

Let us now begin to use the ingredients to make peanuts:

1: First wash the eggs in whatever we do. Hygiene first.

2: Break your eggs in a plate and the sugar grinded as asked, according to the sweetness of the peanut you like and blend.

3: Get your noodles, place them in a cup, add a small amount of salt and sundry, like you want to try the noodles.

Ready to go? Yeah, nice to go? Next move, yes

4: Pair the egg with sugar.

5: Pour some amount of egg into the groundnut, until the egg reaches all the groundnuts, you are recommended to turn your hands gradually.

6: Shake your flour into the cup, add it little by little, or turn your hand slightly, make sure both are combined.

7: Gradually redo the process, re-shake the pot, and add meal for the egg mixture.

In a circular push, you are advised to shake the bowl to avoid falling off.

8: Repeat 3 4 times the cycle until the peanut is fully coated with flour.

9: Try to touch the peanuts and feel the peanut afterward, so they are quickly wrapped and broken.

Sprinkle flour and shake them in a shifter before the frying process?

If so, we’re good to go.

Make sure the oil was heated 2 3 minutes on the frying pan.

10: Into the hot oil, add your peanuts and fry them, turn properly and allow them not to burn. Your fruits will be ready in less than 3 5 minutes.

We did it again, yummy happy, your peanuts are ready, let it cool down, and enjoy your peanuts.

“follow these are the highlights of the images I can deliver, read for better results, following graphic illustration.”

Prepared to use groundnuts

Are your eggs bought and mixed?

Has your flour finished adding to your peanuts?

Ready to go?  I’m going to start frying

Fire cook yummy

I hope you are checking your peanut to avoid been burnt

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