Racksterli Review: Is Racksterli Legit or Scam 2021

Racksterli Review Is Racksterli Legit or Scam 2021
Racksterli Review: Is Racksterli Legit or Scam 2021.

NOTE: this is often an Honest Racksterli review however it contains affiliate link and if it’s clicked on, it’ll generate a purchase , the contents are written for full in-depth understanding of how It works and the way transparent or fishy it’s .


Racksterli is website that claims to pay you for promoting sponsored contents and products together with your social media accounts, companies and company businesses do an exchange of advert placement, while the affiliate members share these ADs to their social media page daily and obtain paid hence Racksterli is a middleman between you(affiliate member) and therefore the Advertisers.


Is Racksterli Legit or Scam?

Well, from the design of things, ranging from the name “RACKSTERLI” Some few months back there was an identical website that gives same features with almost an equivalent name “RACKSTERLY” which crashed after a while , but it’s not totally confirmed if RACKSTERLI may be a remake of RACKSTERLI Nonetheless we noticed the high ROI in RACKSTERLI which seems fishy, when platforms like this end up to possess high ROI they typically crash.

Another downside is that the high Subscription rate, this will be very challenging for a few investors.

However there’s no negative reports about Racksterli Yet.

And from my very own personal experience from the system, They pay accordingly.



*There are 7 packages*
_(figures in brack is your money after 30 days)_
▪️Standard: N14,000 (N21,660)
▪️Premium: N28,000 (N44,460)
▪️Platinum: N56,000 (N88,920)
▪️Gold: N112,000 (N177,840)
▪️Diamond: N280,000 (N444,600)
▪️Ruby: N560,000 (N848,388)
▪️Emerald: N1,120,000 (N1,690,000)

*All you’ve got to try to to after registration is share one sponsored advert from the Racksterli website to your Facebook or whatsapp once for 30 days*

_Daily earnings on each package once you share sponsored post is as follows:_

▪️Standard- $1.9 × 30 = $57
▪️Premium – $3.9 × 30 = $117
▪️Platinum – $7.8 × 30 = $234
▪️Gold – $15.6 × 30 = $468
▪️Diamond – $39 × 30 = $1170
▪️Ruby- $74.42 × 30 = $2232.6
▪️Emerald-$148.25 × 30 =$4447.5

It doesn’t end there, by bringing people to the platform you get rewarded for every person you invite to hitch (referral isn’t a requirement for you to earn, hence its optional)

referral bonus for every package you refer someone to ;
▪️Premium- $8
▪️Platinum- $10.53
▪️Gold- $11.85
▪️Diamond- $13.16
▪️Ruby- $15.7
▪️Emerald- $18.4
You earn this amount for every person you refer/bring to any of those package.

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HOW DO I check in ?

Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to urge started.
I. On the racksterli website click on the COUPON VENDOR.(or message me on WhatsApp to help you via +2348163948163)
II. Contact one among the coupon vendors to urge a coupon code
III. Click here to register
IV. Fill in each field with the acceptable details
V. Then login with email or username and password.



Sharing a post on Racksterli is nearly an equivalent way you share a post you wish to your Facebook profile. Login to your account, right below your dashboard you’ll l see the sponsored post for that specific day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click thereon then share to your Facebook public page That’s all. return to your racksterli page and refresh and your activity earning will increase supported the package you’re on.



You simply got to share a sponsored post daily to your Facebook account.
Each package has package has its own daily earning:
I. Standard Package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $1.9 for each Advert you share to Facebook.
II. Premium Package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $3.9 for each Advert you share to Facebook.
III. Platinum Package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $7.8 for each Advert you share to Facebook.
IV. Gold Package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $15.6 for each Advert you share to Facebook.
V. diamond package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $39 for each Advert you share to Facebook.



racksterli rewards every member’s hard work; Each package on has its own referral bonus.


PLATINUM $ 10.53
GOLD $ 11.85
DIAMOND $13.16
As an incentive for referral bonuses, once you refer:
10 persons you earn extra $25
25 persons you earn extra $100
100 persons you earn extra $400.
200 persons on the Diamond package within 30days you get extra $1000 added to your activity earns. once you also refer 50 persons within a month on any package from premium and above, you’d tend a free premium package resubscription
The above mentioned incentives won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses
Please Know that the bonuses are available only to people on the premium package and above.


Contact any of the code distributors on the racksterli site to urge license plate , then attend your dashboard / profile, click on your referral link, once it’s loaded clear your username and password then input that of your prospect, fill other details, accept as true with terms and condition and click on on register.



Referral is totally optional on Racksterli
Once your subscription expires You’d be ready to use the “cash out” button on the web site and withdraw all what you’ve earned through your 30days of active subscription to your checking account , then if you would like to continue earning from us, you’ll re-subscribe,

Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your checking account within 6-12 hours of request.

You can message me on WhatsApp for more information +2348163948163.


Racksterli is a web investment platform that stands as an intermediary between members and advertisers, we’ve seen many of comparable platforms like this within the past that didn’t had best , However Racksterli remains new and currently pays members, but we don’t recommend heavy investment in platforms like this that promises members high ROI.

the platform with slight difference via the name Racksterly, Crashed few months back after running for a short time hence we urge prospect to take care while joining this platform.

Nonetheless as an affiliate marketer and investor, i’m also a part of those that are into Racksterli and if you’re curious about joining this platform, you’ll message me on WhatsApp by clicking here

Thanks for reading, you’ll also drop your experience thus far .


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