Reasons Why It Makes Sense For Manchester United To Sell Paul Pobga To PSG This Summer

Reasons Why It Makes Sense For Manchester United To Sell Paul Pobga To PSG This Summer

The French star midfielder has always been a targeted player of his hometown club, PSG. This summer they haven’t backed down from their quest to get the Manchester United player even when he still has 12 months left on his contract to play for Solskjaer’s team.


Paul Pobga situation still remains a complex one, but looking at it from another angle it can be an opportunity for Manchester United to let go of a player they don’t known how to deal with.

Paris Saint Germain’s interest in signing Pobga may be due to his ability to do amazingly well when playing for his national team, even to the point of winning the world cup in 2018, but when he is playing for Manchester United he is usually unable to repeat the same feat.

It just makes the most sense to sell him to PSG this summer. Manchester United has spent half a decade trying to get Paul Pobga to play at his best and they have been unable to do so. It is very unlikely that a new contract with his current club will make Pobga play at his best.

It would be a lose to Manchester United if Pobga leaves the club as a free agent when his contract expires next sumer, they need to avoid this from happening, especially after spending £89.3 million in resigning him from Juventus.


In conclusion, due to the current financial crisis affecting many clubs in Europe, there is not a club outside of the Premier league that can compete with the spending power of PSG. Selling Paul Pobga to the French club only makes more sense.



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