Secret Revealed: Forget The Banks, Here Is Where Billionaires Keep Their Money – Join And Be Rich

You probably want to become a billionaire or let's keep it within your reach for the mean-time, a millionaire, but you, just like most other people don't think like one

You probably want to become a billionaire or let’s keep it within your reach for the mean-time, a millionaire, but you, just like most other people don’t think like one. I’m actually not here to lecture or motivate you, I’m herr to open your eyes even more to the thoughts and strategies of a Billionaire.

Well, you already know that a Billionaire is already super-rich and like one of my friends, you are also asking the honest but timid question of where they keep their money. You want ot know whether they are clients and customers of all the banks in their area or country, whether they put all their eggs in one basket.

Well, it might interest you to know that these Billionaires receive preferencial treatment almost wherever they go… I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on a Billionaire’s White list… including Banks.

Most Banks around do not attend to Billionaires like they do to ‘Not so rich’ individuals like You and I. They have a Private Wealth Division which deal with High Net worth Clients. They have Specific Bankers who manage their wealth and take care of their everyday transactions exclusively.

It doesn’t end there, Billionaires do not pay for utilities and services like Wire Transfer fees or Cashier cheques. Despite these privileges and attention, most Billionaires have less than 1% of their Net worth in liquid money and much less in Banks.

So Where exactly do they Keep their Money and How can You join them? 

No need to stress your brain much, the answer to those questions is the reason I’m here. In order to throw light on this, let’s take a look at some of these Billionaires and How they Spend their Money. Make sure to stay with me till the end so as to fully understand this piece… So read on. 

Jeff Bezos

He is currently the Richest man on the planet, Earth with a networth of almost $190 million. You probably know him as just the CEO of Amazon, an E-commerce establishment founded in 1994. Apart from this, Jeff’s money is spent on a whole lot of other areas…

In the area of Communications, Jeff Bezos has shares worth millions of Dollars with social media giants, Twitter. He also has a 3% stake with Business Insider.

In transportation, he has put over $112 million into air transport company, Airbnb and over $37 million into Uber.

In the Health sector, he has put in millions of dollars into Unity Biotechnology, a firm seeking pharmaceuticals which would alleviate age-related diseases.

He also has a good eye for Estate management, as he has bought the lands and establishments listed below:

Washington Post- $250 million

-The Warner Estate- $165 million

-Undeveloped land in Beverly Hills- $114 million

-165,000 Acre Ranch in Texas- This is his Site for the Aerospace company, Blue Origin.

-3 Apartments in New York- $80 million

-Home Property in D. C- $23 million and the list goes on and on.

Bill Gates

He is the Runner-up to Jeff Bezos and the cofounder of Microsoft corporation, the world’s largest personal computer software company.

Together with his Wife Melinda, they have formed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

They have put over $11 Billion into buying shares with Berkshire Hathaway, a company owned by fellow Billionaire, Warren Buffet.

-They have also put in $2.1 Billion into waste management.

-$1.5 Billion into the Canadian Railway company for transporting goods and industrial supplies.

-$1.6 Billion into Caterpillar Inc. which manufacture heavy equipment.

-$1.4 Billion into Walmastores . which a chain of hypermarket and departmental stores. Also the list keeps going.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Man who became a Billionaire at a young age, thanks to his well known innovation, Facebook. He is worth almost a $100 billion.

Building on his success in the area of technology, he has put in millions of dollars into Robotics company, Vicarious and Mastery Connect, a software for teachers.

Like Jeff Bezos, he is also into Estate management. He has :

-Huawei Land property- $100 million

-Lake Tahoe property -$59 million

-A Town house in San Francisco also worth millions of dollars. He has more areas to which his money is channeled.

Moving on to our very own… Aliko Dangote

Africa’s wealthiest man is popularly known for his cement company, Dangote Cement. That not actually all he is into. He is also into the production and distribution of sugar, flour, salt, pasta, beverages, fertilizers and so on.

He is also into the sector of Real Estates and Oil and Natural Gas as well as the Steel industry.

Well, if you’ve followed me closely, you should have discovered where truly these Billionaires keep their money.

Let me give you a hand if you’ve not gotten the picture yet, its simple —Investments.

These Billionaires know that leaving their money in the banks would just leave them stagnant and not getting richer which is the goal of every true business man. They also know that placing all their money in one business is highly risky and could see them drop from Billionaire to Beggar in case of casualties.

This is why they simply diversify their wealth and source of income. Having shares in different sectors of the economy ensures that they are insured as to never truly go broke because when one sector is down, they would gain from the other.

Now, you might still be in the dark as to how your are to join them especially if you have just a recurring minute decimal of the wealth they have.

First you have to know that it rarely happens overnight. You have to move gradually. Here is an important point for you to pick; Get a Job and Save. 

This is the problem which most youth have and I have learnt from Warren Buffet, a Billionaire, that saving and looking away from Spending which are uncalled for, is Key. He was over 50 years old when he became a Billionaire and so didn’t have much craving to spend on so much frivolities and flashy things. This played so much to his advantage.

Save enough and don’t forget to invest. Don’t only invest, diversify your investments. Keep your money in the bank won’t do you much good, keeping it in form of diversified investments would make you a millionaire or who knows, a Billionaire tomorrow.

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