See 3 Records Set By Manchester United That Could Be Broken Next Season

Check Out The 3 Records Set By Manchester United That Could Be Broken Next Season

Ole Solskjaer has significantly improved Manchester United’s squad. Manchester United went undefeated in consecutive games in the 2020/21 season, helping them to finish second in the Premier League table. They were also fearless in European competitions, reaching the UEFA Europa League finals. Here are some Manchester United football club records that could be broken by other European clubs next season.


1. We all remembered Manchester united’s famous 6-2 victory over Roma last season; it was the first time a team scored six goals in a single European Semi-finals match. Real Madrid was the last European club to score six goals in a semi-final, which occurred in 1964. When it comes to scoring goals, we know that there are European teams capable of scoring more than six goals in a single UEFA Champions League game. Teams such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Real Madrid have the potential to break this record next season.


2. Manchester United demonstrated their worth in the 2020/21 season by going unbeaten away from home for an entire Premier League season. According to Premier League records, they are the third team to accomplish this. Arsenal went undefeated for an entire season, playing 38 games without losing a single game, which also means they were unbeaten away for an entire season. However, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool have what it takes to possibly break this record. These top clubs have set and broken many records on their own, and this record could easily be surpassed by one of them.


3. Manchester United made significant comebacks in the 2020/21 season, which helped them set the record for most wins after conceding the first goal in a Premier League game. This record will be difficult to break because not every team wants to concede first before winning. However, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City are among the Premier League clubs that can achieve or exceed this record next season. These teams have the ability to win games after conceding the first goal.



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