See How To Make 10 Dollars Daily without Any Start-up Capital.

How to Make Daily 10 Dollars without Any Start-up Capital That Can Turn You into a Millionaire in Naira within a Year.

See How To Make 10 Dollars Daily without Any Start-up Capital.  Ninety-nine percent of man’s problem is money related. Everybody needs money; do I even

See How To Make 10 Dollars Daily without Any Start-up Capital.

Ninety-nine percent of man’s problem is money related. Everybody needs money; do I even need to say that? Well, the problem is not in spending money, the main problem lies in making the money. To be financially free, you need to have multiple streams of income, at least four sources of income.

To really be financially free, your residual (passive) income has to exceed your expenses and it is only then can you say that you don’t have any money worries again.

I will give you a run-down of some avenues that can help you hit ten dollars or its equivalent in naira daily. But I must warn you; none of them is a get rich quick scheme, hardwork and consistent effort must be deployed. You must be very serious with your growth if you want to grow.

1. Blogging On Opera News Hub

Being an original content creator on Opera News Hub can help you get started on your journey towards financial freedom. On Opera News Hub, as a content creator, you make posts and you’re paid 0.036 naira per click. That might look extremely small to you but the secret is in the numbers. You need at least 100,000 click on your posts within a day to hit 3,600. Opera pushes traffic to you, your job as a content creator is to make sure your headline is attention grabbing and your posts are very compelling. If you grow as a content creator, and your limit is five posts per day, you can make five posts in a day and get 20k traffic on each of your posts. That 100k clicks in a day, that’s 3600 in a day. You go to bed smiling. It is not easy but it is very doable.

2. WhatsApp Monetization

This may sound like fiction, or probably you might have heard it before that you can make money via your WhatsApp. I will quickly give some ways to make money on WhatsApp.

a. Status Advertising: if you’ve built your contact list up to a thousand contacts that are active on WhatsApp, you can run ads for people on your status. Businesses can place ads on your status for 24hours and you can charge from 2k to 5k per 24 hours ad. I have done this but I charge lower because my views are pegged at about 500. I charge 1500 for ads on my status and people pay. Every week I have about 4 to 5 ads run on my status.

b. Course Creation: this is another means of generating income via WhatsApp. You have a knowledge you can sell, open a WhatsApp group and bring in people to teach them something for a fee. Your class could hold for just 1k, and your course could be as easy as Secure Your Facebook; How To Secure Your Facebook From Hackers By All Means Possible. People will pay to learn and the class will hold for just three days. If you can get at least 50 people for the course, that’s 50k. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is very doable. No startup capital, just your smartphone and a little data and you’re good to go.

3. Freelancing: You can start up freelancing on some freelance sites where you can sell your expertise to the whole world. You can start with a skill as low as EBOOK COVER CREATION, which you can achieve through and sell to clients. Sites which you can sell your skill includes:,, these are just some of the sites. There are a lot more of them.

All in all, none of these skills are easy to build wealth with. It takes commitment and consistency to achieve any tangible result. Cheers to your growth, start something today, see you at the top.

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