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See How to make money, without using money

See How to make money, without using money.   Everyone loves money, everyone needs money, money help in providing our daily needs

See How to make money, without using money.

Everyone loves money, everyone needs money, money help in providing our daily needs. Let see how you can make money without using money.

1. YouTube.

99% of us know what YouTube is all about. YouTube is where you can watch varieties of videos, you can learn many things from watching those videos.

The question is how can you make money from YouTube. This is our major concern here,

First, you will create a YouTube channel. these give you the ability to post videos on YouTube.

NB: you can’t use your normal YouTube App to create a channel. Unless you are using a PC or you can use the google chrome browser and search for

There you can create a channel.

Secondly after successfully creating the channel.

You can now upload videos.

you won’t receive payment, Unless you have a minimum of 1000 followers, then you can now monetize your channel.

Now you are eligible for payment.

Conditions for payment

– Number of views

– Duration of the video.

For videos with a duration of 3-10 minutes, for every 1k views you will receive $1 as your payment.

You can download YouTube studio, for better options

2. Google adsense.

This one is for those who own a website.

Google will put ads on your website and for every click you have, there will be a certain share that you will have.

3. Opera hub.

Opera news hub is a platform, we’re you get payed for writing articles. If the article is published, then for every click you have #0.036 Which means to every 10k click you have #360.

4. Opay

You can make money with opay, if you refer someone to download their app and register with them.

follow me so you will be carried along.


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