See How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Empty Pure Water Sachets

See How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Empty Pure Water Sachets

Water is very essential to every living thing on earth. No one can say he can live without water. Apart from what water means to your body health, it matters a lot to your everyday life endeavors.

Everything you do requires water one way or the other. There are people that think otherwise but would be ignoring the fact. Even in an office where paperwork is done, water is very much needed for it to be done. If office workers don’t drink water, they will certainly get dehydrated and become too weak to work.

In Nigeria, we devour pure water in giant portions each day. In fact, pure water enterprise is one of the most rewarding groups in Nigeria today, due to the fact of excessive patronage.

But the question is, what do you do with the pure water sachet after consuming it? You throw it away, do not you?

That is exactly what human beings do. But do you recognize that you can make millions of naira from these pure water sachets you throw away every day?

I understand you might be questioning how that is possible. But loosen up and continue, because that is what this article is all about.

This line of commercial enterprise is very lucrative, however, it is stunning that no longer many human beings recognize it. The reason it is so is that the few human beings who are doing it are so secretive about it, that they do not like giving out many statistics about it.

They don’t want masses of human beings to come into the business and supply them plenty of competition.

Oftentimes, you see human beings in slums amassing pure water sachets, and you might be wondering what they do with them.

Let me surprise you, those pure water sachets collectors are silent millionaires, who do not make noise about the serious money they are making in the business.

So after this article, you will have to quit throwing away pure water sachets, because that is serious money you always throw away.

You can do the enterprise full-time if you do not have any job at the moment, and you can also do it as an aspect hustle if you already have a job. Either way, you will nevertheless be making your money from it.

And you can make bigger your salary to tens of millions of naira, all from waste pure water sachets.

These pure water sachets are recycled into a number of different merchandise like — bags, slippers, plastics, shoes, etc.

So even if you do not have the cash to purchase the machines to start the recycling business yourself, you can additionally acquire the sachets and promote them to businesses who use them. And they are continually in excessive demand.


In this business, you need to know that there are standards because every commercial enterprise has its own standards.

You don’t just gather the pure water sachets and ship them to the buyers. There are conventional ways in which they accumulate these nylons from the sellers.

It is very simple. After accumulating the pure water sachets, you have to wash and dry them out in the sun. After that, you bundle them in baggage and take to the buyers.

If you don’t do it this way, they will not purchase them from you, and you will have no preference but to go back with your package.


Now that I have introduced you to how moneymaking this business is, I understand many of you might desire to challenge it.

Another aspect you need to understand is that you don’t have to rely on just the sachets of the pure water you drink, as that can slow down your earnings. You want to supply for these pure water sachets in different places.

So the place is these locations you can supply for the sachets? There are so many locations you can get them, and some of those locations are — churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, other compounds, party venues, pure water factories, etc.

You can make preparations with tournament centers so that every time human beings have activities in those centers, you can go and acquire the pure water sachets they will throw away.

You can additionally employ a collector to be gathering these pure water sachets for you, and you pay them a token for their services.

You can have interaction with children in your place to do that, and have confidence me, they will even see it as fun, especially when they are getting a token in return.


The agencies that make use of the sachets buy them in kilograms and ton. They put it on a scale and weigh them, and pay you the fixed price for it.

1kg of pure water sachets is sold within the vary of N35 to N200. And a ton of it is bought between the range of N20,000 to N30,000. So if you gather up to a hundred tons, you will already be talking about tens of millions of naira here.

In the next article, I will mention some of the businesses right here in Nigeria, and also their addresses, that you can promote these pure water sachets too. They don’t waste time in buying them.

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