See the Secrets To Earn N121,000 From Opera News Hub in 2 Months

See the Secrets To Earn N121,000 From Opera News Hub in 2 Months.   The need to make this article arose when I began to see complaints
See the Secrets To Earn N121,000 From Opera News Hub in 2 Months.

The need to make this article arose when I began to see complaints from Opera News Hub content creators about the poor payment they have been getting. Some even go as far as calling the platform fake.

Some complain that they have not been paid at all, while some complain that they didn’t receive what they feel they deserved.

Well, I hope that by the end of this article, you will be more enlightened about the platform, and also know how it works. I will share the secrets with you, and hope it helps you.

I first joined Opera News Hub in February, after a lot of friends tried to convince me to join. I am a script writer, and content creator, and many people who know me and my works brought up the idea of joining the hub.

I was reluctant about it at first, but decided to give it a try in February. My first article here was rejected, and it was quite disappointing. The next one was published, but it had just 25 clicks. See the screenshot below:

So I began churning out more articles here. The rejection rates were very high, I must confess.

At the end of that first month, I got an alert of N8,000. To tell you the truth, I was very disappointed. I felt I deserved more than that, and I nearly quit. But somehow, I felt the need to continue writing for the platform.

Let me point out to you guys the mistake most content creators make. They feel Opera News Hub is a “Father Christmas” who just throws money at anyone that publishes any kind of stories on their platform.

Guys, it doesn’t work that way. These guys are not “Father Christmas”. I hear reports of how creators were enjoying huge pay and content traffic when Opera came in newly. Though I didn’t join the hub then, but I can boldly tell you that Opera simply did that to establish itself in the market, and win the hearts of Nigerians.

They themselves have their own needs, they are in business, and every business has its own expectations. They have what they expect from the creators.

They know the kind of reputation they are building for themselves, and they are very careful about the kind of contents they push or allow on the hub. So everyone who writes for the platform must respect those principles and guidelines.

So I decided to go back to their publishing guidelines, and read what their requirements are. Trust me, I don’t just read those guidelines and run away, I still go back often and re-read them, in case I have forgotten anything. Or in case they have published a new one.

Just as I was saying about Opera News Hub not being a ” Father Christmas”, understand that Opera rewards hardwork and originality. You don’t just conjure up some gibberish lines in the name of articles and publish, and expect Opera to pay you handsomely at the end of the month.

They have their own way of knowing which article took the writer time to create. They know which article was written within a few minutes. They know the kind of article that was written hastily without any due research.

And most importantly, they know the articles that are original, and were not copied and pasted, or plagiarized.

That brings us to another very important issue. A lot of creators here complain that they have written original articles which came straight from their heads, without being copied from anyone or from any source. Yet those articles were rejected for not being original.

Please fellow creators, when Opera tells you that they appreciate only original contents, they are not telling you that you can write any kind of believable story and post, and it will be published because you didn’t copy it from anywhere.

No, it doesn’t work that way for them. If you have an original story that you want to share, a story that has not been shared by any other news media, make sure that you have facts and convincing proofs that the story actually happened.

Those facts are expressed in just two ways – an impressive storytelling, and backup photos. If the story actually happened, then show series of photos to back up your claims, and also tell the story in such a way that anyone that reads it will love it.

And another thing you must avoid is, stop writing breaking news. If you want to write breaking news, then tell the story from another angle that no one has told before. It is called follow up article. Because if you write breaking news, the chances of being rejected by Opera are very high.

For instance, I have won award for articles of the week in the last two weeks, consecutively. Which articles won me those awards in those two weeks? The George Floyd’s story. We all know that George Floyd’s story has been flooding Opera News Hub, and other news media all over the world.

But what I did was that, I didn’t just write George Floyd’s stories, but I wrote them from angles that no one had written before. And Opera appreciated them.

And another thing for you to note is that, try to keep your rejection rates very low. Truth is, it is better to take your time and write 2 good articles in a day, than to just write 5 junk articles, and have 3 of them rejected.

Because the rejection of those 3 articles that were rejected will adversely affect those 2 that were published when it’s time for payment.

So don’t always be in a hurry to write quantity of articles, but be more concerned with the quality. And steadily build your capacity on that quality.

If you can write 2 very good articles in a day, and maintain that tempo, you will discover that after some days, you will be able to upgrade to 3, and so on. But always, let quality come before quantity. In that way, you can be a better writer, not just for Opera, but as a writer.

When I learnt all these secrets for myself about the platform, I began to work with that. And when the payment for April came, I received N57,234.83 from Opera.

I was expecting something better for the month of May, though. But when the payment came, it was just about the same figure with that of April – N57,027.79.

But I had won an award a week before the payment for May came.

So that means, I made a total of N63,884.79 for the month of May.

So if you add that to what I got for April, it means I made about N121,118 in the two months. I expected something bigger, because of the efforts I put into each article I write, but still it was quite encouraging and appreciated.

So for those who keep saying that Opera doesn’t reward hard work, that is not true. They do. They just want you to understand their platform, and give them what they want. When you do that, you will be handsomely rewarded.

I believe this article is of benefit to you. Whatever questions you want to ask me, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below, and I will attend to all of them.

If there is anything you want to clarify from me, please let me know in the comments section too.

Also, don’t forget to like and share this article, so that others can read and benefit too. Thank you. You can also follow me here, so that you can be reading more of my articles.


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