See The Strangest Jobs People Do Around the World. 

See The Strangest Jobs People Do Around the World. 
See The Strangest Jobs People Do Around the World.

(1) Electric Shock Giver

Such men are called ‘Toques’ in Mexico. Their role is to hold wooden boxes capable of being provided with electrical shocks. People are patronizing this business because some think it is a form of relaxation and pleasure for them.

(2) Pet Food Taster

This job is a little different but yes it exists. People have come all over the world to love their pets and what they live on. Therefore the consistency of pet foods needs to be tested. People are hired to sample these foods, and discover their consistency.

(3) Professional Mourners

Several South-East Asian regions employ people to make loud wails and weep at their dead’s burial ceremony. We say there needs to be a noisy funeral to support the deceased on their path to the afterlife. Some mourners are there to weep at the funeral ceremony.

(4) Odour Judge

Some businesses employ volunteers to check some of their new goods in terms of consistency, property, and effectiveness. Such volunteers are named ‘odor judges.’ They do involve their jobs; smelling the hair, armpits, and feet of the people. Such staff has to make sure their sense of smell is correct. Their sense of smell is routinely checked monthly.

(5) Snake Milker:

It is a very unusual job but there are a lot of people who are doing it successfully. Not for the heartless. The task of the snake milker is essential to collect the (poisonous) snake venom in bottles. Such venomous snakes are used in anti-venom medicines. There are truly courageous people there.

(6) Professional Stand-in-liner

This is a very odd but funny work. People stand in queues waiting for someone who wants to pay an agreed amount to trade their place. Their role is to save you a long time spent in long queues.

(7) Legal Robber

This work requires a bank or some other company to deprive its employees of with. It is a legal procedure used to check a bank, store, and other high-value establishment ‘s protection.

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