Sell Your Pure Water Nylon To These Companies For Huge Money – Stop Littering The Street

Sell Your Pure Water Nylon To These Companies For Huge Money – Stop Littering The Street

Solid waste management is the most pressing environmental challenge faced by urban and rural areas of Nigeria. Nigeria, with population exceeding 170 million, is one of the largest producers of solid waste in Africa. Despite a host of policies and regulations, solid waste management in the country is assuming alarming proportions with each passing day.

Nigeria generates more than 32 million tons of solid waste annually, out of which only 20-30% is collected. Reckless disposal of MSW has led to blockage of sewers and drainage networks, and choking of water bodies. Most of the wastes is generated by households and in some cases, by local industries, artisans and traders which litters the immediate surroundings. Improper collection and disposal of municipal wastes is leading to an environmental catastrophe as the country currently lack adequate budgetary provisions for the implementation of integrated waste management programmes across the States.

Obviously, satchet water can be classified as one of the most consumed product in the country. The truth is when when an average Nigerian eat, they tends to consume water. And also on the street, when an average Nigerian is thirsty in Nigeria, what comes to their mind first is pure water including those that could afford bottle water.

Through out Nigeria, satchet water is said to be the main drinking water, so just imagine the amount of pure water that is being taken everyday.

Hence, there are many industries who are passionately in needs of the waste product pure water (nylons) and to pay greatly in return.

Basically, what you need to do is to is to cumulate this nylons from the streets and homes and take them to this industries, sell and collect your money.

Please note that before these industries purchase them from you, you must have properly washed and dried them. It is expected that they’re measure in kilograms or tons, and payment is made accordingly.

These industries pays as much as N35 to N200 for 1kilogram pure water nylons. And for 1 tonne of the pure water nylons, they pays between N20,000 to N30,000. These industries eventually process these pure water nylons into some other products such as plastics, shoes, bags, dunlop slippers, pens, balls, etc.

What an idea… Great!

So whenever you see any of these products listed above, just know that they were processed from pure water nylons.

Here, the following are the appellations and venues of the industries where you can sell out the pure water nylons extracted on the street to:

1. Dunak Nigeria Limited. Their address is at 2A Awoye Close, Ashi Ibadan North, in Oyo State.

2. Hardis Nylon Recycling Company. Feel free to send a message at indicating that you simply want to supply them satchet water nylons, and I’m sure they’ll attend to you.

3. INFIGO Systems Global Limited. Their address is 2/4 Mission Street.

4. First Eco Cleaners Nigeria Limited. Their address is Block G34 Eleganza, Shopping Mall, Lekki Expressway, Lekki, in Lagos.

The list contains differents industries so you can consider choosing the one with the highest pay cause the amount they pay varies.

Please try to get actual amount of money these industries offers before paying them a visit or contact them.

From my initial research, I discovered that a full bag of sachet water nylons weighs 20kg. So if you can try all you can to sell out about 15 bags of the sachet water nylons in one day, your bank account should really be smiling.

If you are interested in this business, kindly comment “I am interested” in the comment section so I can mentor you through and discuss better.

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