Seven Books You Need Read To Achieve Financial Freedom

Seven Books You Need Read To Achieve Financial Freedom

I came across these books that changed my mindset for ever, a few I read and others l digested the summary. If you want to be financially free and be rich in few years time, you need to know that reading books will help and guide you to your destination faster.These are the books you need to read if you plan to be rich.

(1.)PRINCIPLES (Ray Dalio)

It helps build your life around exceptional principles and impacts your decision making. It helps you to think deep and do the right analysis to achieve success. It helps you focus on what is of priorities to you when planning to INVEST or delve into BUSINESS. Principles will help in trust and transparency in action and decision making steps. With principles, you build like a hedge around you to guide you in all times.

(2.)MONEY MASTER THE GAME( Anthony Robbins)..

This book is important if you want to make your money work for you while you are asleep and productive. It teaches and guide you to achieve financial freedom with time. It teaches you in steps how your little money over time mounts to make you richer with time. It teaches you how to create an INVESTMENT that sets you up for life. Your money needs to be in an investment and it compounds over time building steady interest yearly. You need to do your due diligence to help guide you for the best investment to make.

(3.)THINKING FAST AND SLOW(Daniel Kahneman)

Because humans are subject to many biases especially business people who tends to see things from only their own view. It tells on how your behaviour is guided by two systems; IMPULSIVEAUTOMATIC and INTUITIVE. the second is THOUGHTFUL, DELIBERATE and CALCULATING; ability to reason and engage in decision making which relies on SELF-DISCIPLINE and capacity to focus attention.


It’s your subconscious financial blueprint set for your financial life. How your thought pattern leads you to success or failure. It’s about the inherited patterns planted in you through the years. These patterns are first passed to you by your parents. The way your parents deal with the issues of money is what you will also do with money. We tends to replicate our parents INCOME STRATEGIES which explains why you remain in the same INCOME BRACKET like your parents. You need to recognize these thought patterns and change them..


It guides you with principles on the financial market to help you invest wisely in a volatile market and reduce any form of losses. The technique and concept of this book still invaluable till now. It’s about indepth analysis to look into the intrinsic value of the company and future growth. This book teaches on steady returns than being a speculator. It teaches you to look at the company’s financial history and latest market update about the company.


If you feel you are wasting time at job, or confused about the next phase in life. This book is the best bet for you. One huge challenges of wealth is not PLANNING AHEAD. If you are a big earner and spend impulsively, you will become poor. Conventional method is working hard and setting aside money to plan for your future. What if you also create a product or service through starting your business, it gives you access to generate steady income even when you are no more working.


It focuses on effective and simplistic way to grow your wealth by investing in LOW COST INDEX FUNDS. This books explains why low index funds and how you can avoid any form of financial losses if you are not good with sound financial investment decisions. Look for low cost index funds that are well- diversified, properly managed and good returns over the long term that will make you rich.


These books were the game changers for me. These books inspired and led great investors and business people to become rich and it propelled me to get my copy to read. ” A READER TODAY, A LEADER TOMORROW.

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