SIMPLE ONLINE INTERNET JOBS THAT ARE READILY AVAILABLE.   Nowadays unlike before, the Internet has provides us with several available tasks anyone

Nowadays unlike before, the Internet has provides us with several available tasks anyone can perform and earn some money.

It is no more like the times people moved from one place to another in search of what one would do to earn. There are so many jobs the Internet has made available but in this article we shall look at few of them that are simple.


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If you have a talent in writing, you can work as freelance writer and make enough money for yourself. You can work in a niche you understand most and also enjoy while earning anything from a few dollars to hundred dollars per article.

The going rate in a high quality article in a specialized niche is ten cents per word. So why not write 2000 words and make 200 dollars.

Most freelance writers start on a job post platform like this one. But in this kind of case you may not earn so much.

For you to do that you have to work closely with businesses and your personal clients as you write for them.


The amazon kindle platform has made it easy for you to publish your own eBook making you able to earn 70 percent of any copy sold. If you have a website good for you because you will keep all the earnings for yourself.

The challenge here is that not every book will see well, so you pick the topics that are very interesting and appeal to readers and you will need to attract people to your eBook sales page.


Being a YouTube creator can lead to a descent income but if you can find the right niche, you can make money in a big way.

You may want to know how you can make such money. Well it is made from the ads that run on the videos and from sponsorships and promotional deals.

All you need to start is to create an account and start making videos that are tropical and that people are searching for and once you have reached a minimum number of views and subscribers you can start earning money.

There are specific requirements before you can monetize your channel. An average YouTube user can create an income flow that pays anyway from a few dollars to a thousand dollars.

If you or your friends already have interest in being in the front of the camera, then you have already seen a great way to make money.

But you must remember that consistency and interesting videos are the requirements to increasing the number of your subscribers. Therefore why not create a niche you have interest in to create your content.


Data entry may not be an exciting job opportunity but it can allow you to earn 15 to 20 dollars per hour. It is a good online job that pays less than those listed above but it can allow you to get a decent side income.

These types of jobs tend to be highly flexible and allows you work in your spare time. You may choose to work very little or more depending on how your schedule looks like.

There are several online platforms that allow you to do data entry jobs, most of these simply require setting up a profile detail and confirming few things before you can start.


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