Simple ways to start your own fish farming business, it is really meeting the global protein demands

Simple ways to start your own fish farming business, it is really meeting the global protein demands

How to start home based fish farming business

Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorous, and it is equally a great source of iron, zinc, iodine, minerals, magnesium, and potassium.

Fish is one of several prescriptions of medical personnel as a tool for gaining Vitamins and Mineral in its consumption. Its also contain Omega-3 Fatty acids which are high benefits for the heart proper functioning. Majorly people eat fishes for health benefits and health reasons and it meeting global protein demands today.

To start a simple home based fish farm you will need to dig a fishpond or gather some fishtanks or containers for indoor fish farming. Choose water from a reliable source. Your municipal supply water would be fine. Once you have your pond or container setup, get your juvenile fish and some fish feed to start.

Rising fish at home could open up many profitable opportunities today, home raised fish could easily be sold for profit around the neighborhood or restaurants. There are people who want locally raised fish from organic farms. It could also supply you and your family with delicious fresh seafood. So, why not start your own home based fish farm today and make your own money.

As a beginner or novice on the farming, What equipment do I need?

1 Get a good location for your farm.

2 Get a good source of water.

3 Choose the appropriate fish pond.

4 Decide the right species of fish for you.

5 Get healthy fingerling or juveniles.

6 Understand fish feeds & feeding.

7 start Marketing your fish before they grow-up.

8 Be a business minded person.

To start with, in a simple home based fish farm you will need to dig a fishpond or gather some fish tanks or containers for indoor fish farming. Choose water from a reliable source. Your municipal supply water would be fine. Once you have your pond or container setup, get your juvenile fish and some fish feed to start.

First thing you will need to start a home based fish farming business is some basic knowledge about raising fish. You will also need to learn about the business side of farming. To raise fish you will need some space in your backyard for digging a fish pond or space in your compound or anywhere else if you want to raise fish in containers. Fish can be raised in any kind of fish tanks, containers, and tubs. You could even raise fish in barrels, If possible try to get a partner or work with another fish farm to gather experience at first.

Let’s get it in detail:

Get a Good Location for Your Fish farming Business.

You need to first decide whether you’re starting your fish business on a small scale or big, if you’re starting a small scale, you may decide to start at your backyard with tank but if you’re going big, you may need to buy or rent one or few fish ponds like (concrete ponds) outside your home.

Get a Good Source of Water for Your Fish:

Water is very important to fish Just as oxygen is important to us, if you put them in a bad water you may affect their growth and production, though badwater varies, depending on the kind of fish we are talking about. Some fish live in rough water while others cannot.

You need a good source of water for your fish. Also know it that what we humans consider a good Water is not what fishes consider good water, for instance, we can drink treated water but such water can be dangerous to the fish because of the chemicals used to treat the water.

Choose The Right Fish Pond or Plastic Tank for Housing Your Fish:.

The fish needs a comfortable place to survive, the more natural and comfortable the fish pond is, the better for them, there are two popular fish housing system, backyard plastic tank or pond, Plastic tank may be good for you if you’re just starting fish farming especially on a small size, this small scale will help you get use with the nature and farming of the fish business.

Fish ponds are of different sizes and their cost are also different, depending on your environment and what you need, but I advise you move out, visit fish farms around you, visit fish feeds seller, visit some experienced bricklayers and ask questions.

Why I advise you to go out this way is because, these people will give you the best advice that can be helpful and useful to you in that environment, if they are in your area.

Decide The Right Species of Fish to Farm:

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of species in the fish family, this means as a beginner you have to decide which species to choose as you’re starting your own fish farming business.

-Possibly go to any good farm and get Healthy Juveniles:

Juveniles are the little fishes you will need to grow to table-size. Ordinarily we have what we call fry, which is the development stage of fish immediately after the larvae stage, at an age of less than a week, there is also a fingerling which is the development stage of fish following the fry stage and continuing into the first three to four months of life, Also have yearling which is the development stage of fish following the fingerling stage until at least one year of age, the development stage of a fish after fingerling is what we call juvenile, the best practice if you’re just starting a fish farm is to buy juveniles to save you from the headaches of much processes you may experience from fingerlings.

There are fish farmers that specialize in hatching fingerlings and selling juveniles. Make sure you go for a reliable fish hatchery so as to avoid getting unhealthy juvenile. Don’t buy unhealthy juveniles.

Choose The Right Fish Feeds.

Quantity and quality of food are very important and needs to be taken care of when feeding your fish. Feed them well and with quality fish feed.

=There are three means of food for your fish.

Natural fish feed. This is found naturally in the pond. This include; detritus, bacteria, plankton, worms, insects, snails, aquatic plants and fish (yes, fish eat fish if they`re hungry).

Supplementary fish feed. This usually include cheap materials locally available such as terrestrial plants, kitchen wastes or agricultural by-products. Supplementary feed may be good, but they are not for serious fish farmer.

Complete feed. This is a carefully made fish feed. They`re usually made with good ingredient and nutrients by the experts who understand the perfect formula for the fish at a different stage.

-How much does it cost to feed your fishes

To know the current price of feed in your city and area. Take out a pen and paper. Move out and ask questions surely u will get what you want in building your fish farming.

Start Marketing Your Fishes Before They Are Grown Up.

So many people who are starting fish farming business in Nigeria are making the mistake of thinking that the market is readily there. It’s not true.You have to start marketing your fish, even before they are grown up.

Be a Business Minded person

The beginner in fish farming think it’s just about feeding the fish and selling them, which is wrong, fish farming is a business and if you want to succeed in that, you must approach it as a serious business.

Hope it is helpful??

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