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Some Agricultural Businesses That Can Change Our Life For Good

Poultry is a business that's highly lucrative in the world today. In Nigeria most farmers are into poultry business because how profitable it is

Poultry is a business that’s highly lucrative in the world today. In Nigeria most farmers are into poultry business because how profitable it is. In poultry we don’t stand to lose anything because all it’s products are essential. The meat and eggs are consumed while it’s faeces serves as manure to our farm crops. It is a business everyone dreams to establish.

Crop farming

If you want to make in life within one year, crop farming will make you a million within this interval. It is a business you stand to gain in any condition that comes up. Many people are into crop farming and they are making it in life. Some of this lucrative crops are cassava, maize, rice, water melon, melon cucumber etc. Some makes you a million within 4-6months. Crop farming is highly profit oriented in our locality today.



Fishery as we see is one of the booming business in agrobase businesses in our society today. It is highly lucrative and many are into it today. Fishery business is not energy sapping business like other. It is time relief. The production of fish is going high in the world today mostly in Africa because of it’s high demand today. Within the range of six months they are due to sale and you start making your profit out of it. Fishery is highly invoked in our society today.


Pig farming is highly practiced in the world today. Nigerian doesn’t take last in anything that they know is profit oriented. Today most of our farmers are into piggery. Pig farming doesn’t consume much and it’s highly lucrative. The business makes one millionaire within the range of one year. It is a business you stand to lose nothing ones you are into it.

Snail farming

This is one of the lucrative business in agriculture but most of us ignore it. Snail rearing is a business that doesn’t consume capital and energy to start up. You can set it up at your home because it has no offensive odour. This will turn you into a millionaire within the range of a year and six months. It is highly profitable and ignore it. Try it and see the out come in two years time.

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