Stop Spending All your MONEY On FOOD! These 5 Tips Will Help You Save More!

I know I am a foodie coupled with the fact that I’m also a food blogger, but still I know I had to something immediately before I eat away my destiny…lol!

Sometimes ago, I did a little calculation of my expenses.

I was shocked to find out that a bulk of my money was going into food.

I know I am a foodie coupled with the fact that I’m also a food blogger, but still I know I had to something immediately before I eat away my destiny…lol!

So I outlined some tips and hacks to help me reduce my spending.

Guess what? It worked!

If you also thinking of cutting down your expenses on food, follow these few tips

1) Try to Buy in Bulk: what I do at the end or beginning of every month is to take a trip to those bush markets around my area to shop for food in bulk.

I get the Baskets of tomatoes, pepper, yam, potatoes, palm oil and everything I would be needing for the whole month.

It’s cheaper and smarter to buy those in large quantities and preserve in the house than going to the market everything I need to use them.

Since I adopted this method, it has saved me the time, cost and energy of food purchases, especially if you have to feed lots of mouths.

Trust me, buying in bulk is your best bet; it will earn you discounts, and you do not have to do it more than once a month or longer.

Apart from that, try to substitute and buy food items in their season.

2) patronize your local Market: I know it’s quite easy and faster these days to pop into any supermarket to shop for some supplies.

Trust me, when you do that overtime, you’ll soon find out that it’s gulping up whole lot of money from your pocket.

When you buy items from your local market, it allows you to price well till you get a good bargain especially for the bulk buying.

3. Write a list: listen darlings! Whenever you ready to shop for items in the market, always write list.

I cannot emphasis this too much! It’s very important you have a list of everything you’ll be buying at hand, if possible with a rough estimated calculation.

It will help you control impulse buying. It’s so easy to purchase items you do not need when you don’t have a comprehensive list.

Go to the market with a budget and if possible, with only cash!

This will really help you to avoid spending on items you don’t need thereby saving some extra cash for you.

4. Don’t shop Hungry: still on this shopping issue, one thing my aunt taught me was to never go to the market hungry.

At first, I really didn’t understand why she was so keen on that.

I later got to find out that when you shop on an hungry stomach, you end up buying stuffs you don’t need and at a bad price.

Most times for me, I just end up not having the energy to haggle price reasonably with the seller, thereby costing me an extra cash I could have kept.

So before you take those long trips to the market to shop, always make sure you eat very well.

5. Do your Meal Prep: so, after the bulk shopping that I mentioned earlier, the best and next thing to do is to prep them.

You can’t just leave them like that else they will spoil.

Blend your tomatoes and pepper, boil it thickens and keep in the freezer.

Boil the meats or portioned them raw in the freezer, dry some things, wash some, chop some, basically just do all you need to do to keep your supplies safe and fresh for whenever you need them.

When you do this, it makes cooking easier and faster for you during the week.

My final advise to you is to keep everything simple and moderately to save more money.

Eat simply so you may simply live

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