11 Best Travel Insurance Companies of February 2023

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance helps you protect the financial investment you made in your vacation, whether you booked a tropical cruise or a sightseeing trip to a far-flung island. Though purchasing travel insurance coverage is optional, it does help you avoid losing money on prepaid travel expenses if your travel plans go awry. Travel insurance can also … Read more

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies of 2023

Renters Insurance

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies of 2023 If you’re looking for affordable renters insurance, you’re in the right place. This guide will give you an overview of the five most affordable companies in our rating of the Best Renters Insurance Companies of 2023 along with tips for saving money on renters insurance. Keep in mind, the … Read more

Life Insurance: What Is Life Insurance, How To Buy a Life Insurance

Life Insurance

What Is Life Insurance? Life insurance is a contract between a life insurance company and a policy owner. A life insurance policy guarantees the insurer pays a sum of money to one or more named beneficiaries when the insured person dies in exchange for premiums paid by the policyholder during their lifetime. What Is Life … Read more

Next Insurance raises $250M to $4B, Next Business Insurance Review 2023

Next Insurance raises $250M to $4B, Next Business Insurance Review 2023

Next Insurance raises $250M to $4B, Next Business Insurance Review 2023 Next Insurance recently announced that it has raised a $250 million round, valuing the SMB-focused insurance provider at $4 billion. The company last raised another $250 million in September 2020, at a valuation of $2 billion. This funding also comes after Next Insurance acquired … Read more

Many Cancer Patients Face Mounting Bills Despite Having Insurance


Better have some savings stored up before you rush to the delivery room: A new analysis shows the average out-of-pocket expense for delivering a child in the United States is nearly $3,000, even if you’re insured. Other studies have looked at the costs for specific services, such as Cesarean sections versus vaginal deliveries, but those … Read more

What You Need to Know About Cheap Insurance


Factor in out-of-pocket costs, annual premiums and potential risks in the decision-making process. When it comes to selecting an insurance plan, you have a tricky financial choice to make: Purchase the most expensive insurance policy or pass up a high-priced policy in favor of more affordable coverage and rock-bottom annual premiums? You don’t want to … Read more

Top 20 largest insurance companies in 2022


The insurance industry is well-represented in the latest Forbes Global 2000 list, which ranks 2,000 of the world’s largest public companies based on a composite score that accounts for each firm’s revenue, profit, assets, and market value. A total of 105 insurers made the 2022 rankings, with 11 securing spots in the top 100. The … Read more