Take these Steps and you will keep on having Money

Take these Steps and you will keep on having Money
Take these Steps and you will keep on having Money.

1. Have a reserve.

Speaking from what I gained from this point, It refers to our ability to be able to actually SAVE. For me, one big step that I took concerning this point, was opening a new bank account for saving and even though right now, I have blown all my savings but at least fine, I have a platform where I can be keeping my reserve.

So get started today, it might not necessarily mean you opening a bank account but then maybe cutting down your spending might help, maybe reserving some cash can help. This can also means not spending all your income or salary at once or spending it all the times. The speaker said, MEN ARE IN SIZES, LIFE IS IN PHASES, LIVE YOUR LIFE PER TIME.

2. Have a dream and think big about it.

Seriously, I feel at this point, everyone here sure be able to explain this. Let me just drop this. WHAT YOU HAVE IS ENOUGH, IF YOU CAN THINK ENOUGH – OYEDEPO

3. Never borrow to eat, rent or build a house, buy a car

What I learnt from this is never to borrow to live flamboyant, never borrow to be fly. This speaks to our ability be original and be real within ourselves. Don’t do pass yourself. One action point for me was never to borrow RECHARGE CARD CREDIT. See, the capitalist society we live in thrive on the suffering of people, the inability of the society to be balanced.

It is this imbalance that created the stock market and make people, organization and even the news media celebrate peoples losses and otherwise. Therefore, we should never bow to a system that puts us in bondage,and even though capitalism is good and all the nonsense the white folks have been feeding us because it reduces the tendencies of dictatorship and war, but then we are not to be slaves with others.

Therefore, liberate yourself. Live independently and live loan free and ultimately be contented, don’t chase after christian dior because your friend has got one, don’t want gucci because you have to fit in. In all you do, learn to abound and abase.- apst. Paul.

4. If at all you want to borrow, borrow to invest in your dream

Now, even though borrowing is bad, many people make use of the opportunity of capitalism and beat it at its game. You can or should only borrow to improve your dream, you should only borrow to make your dream better.

5. Have a budget

Know what you are spending on, don’t let anything drift your spending current. Know or plan what you want to use your money for according to the priority you give to each of them. Doing this will enable you to fully utilize the cash you have at hand and also get a good amount for your reserve, and then you can give to God, you can give to people, you do what you want and still keep to the schedule you have given yourself.

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