Ten(10) Keys To Success

Success in one's career is always the goal everyone dreams to achieve in life. However, not many among every Tom, Dick and Harry that craved success ended successfully in their respective fields.

Success in one’s career is always the goal everyone dreams to achieve in life. However, not many among every Tom, Dick and Harry that craved success ended successfully in their respective fields.

Only few number of individuals succeed because success has some certain principles(keys) that you must have before you can see success. Fortunately, these keys revolve around our habits and that’s what I intend to address here. Below are some of them which are highlighted thus:

1. Respect elders. Elders have many and diverse experiences in life than the young people. When you respect elders especially those who have been in your field of endeavor, they will be enthusiastic about your success in the business/office. They will be willing to show you some pitfalls and ways through which you can navigate through potential challenges in the field.

2. Work hard. The value of your strength is the amount of effort you put into your work in order to get a desirable result. Make every moment of your time in the job count. Laziness doesn’t bring promotion. Hard work does.

3. Invest part of your income. One who hopes to be successful should be willing to invest some percentage of every income that he earns. This is important so that they can diversify their source of income and not rely on one source because contingencies may arise any time.

4. Save at least ten percent of your income. Savings and investment look alike but they are not the same thing. The former is a different means of earning different from the parent job/business while the latter is a sacred portion of the income that you’re forbidden to spend.

5. Love your job(trade). You must develop passion for the field you find yourself. The love for the job motivates you to an extent that you only see opportunities in your field when others are seeing difficulties.

6. Try to exploit new ideas and areas. Even though you are passionate about your job at present, it’s also pertinent you try new projects. You would be very surprised that you could do a whole lot of things outside your field which would help to sustain you in that your area in case of inflation. Some successful individuals today at one point in their lives had to dump their first field of endeavor when they saw their prospects of success in the their new projects.

7. Ask reasonable questions. Nobody knows everything he’s required to succeed in life. We depend on each other if we must succeed. Be open to improve your skills through meeting colleagues in the field and asking them some objective questions that will add more value improve your business.

8. Give generously to the poor and strangers.

One who wants to succeed must learn to offer a helping hand to humanity. You must learn to give especially to those whom you don’t even know because some of them we see as liabilities today might turn out to be our saviour in future.

9. Avoid any form of borrowing. If you must borrow, then it must be minimal that you don’t have to tamper with your investment and savings in order to pay up your debt.

10. Pray for your needs. You must understand that without God we can scarcely do well in everything. Whatever you want to do is important you pray about it for divine grace to achieve success in it.

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