The Best Midfielder In The World According To Wayne Rooney

The Best Midfielder In The World According To Wayne Rooney The Best Midfielder In The World According To Wayne Rooney

There are some midfielders, such as N’golo Kante, Kevin De Bruyne, Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandez, Joshua Kimmich, and Declan Rice, who are regarded as world-class owing to their effect on the field. N’golo Kante is the most well-known of these players. As a result of the diverse potentials of the players, it is difficult to pick one midfielder as the finest in the entire world. Former Manchester United great Wayne Rooney, on the other hand, believes that there is one midfielder who is the finest in the entire world, and that player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

While speaking with Marca, Wayne Rooney revealed which midfielder he feels to be the best in the world, and who that player is. N’golo Kante, the Chelsea midfielder, is the best player in the world, according to Wayne Rooney. As compared to former Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure and former Chelsea striker Claude Makelele, the former England striker believes that N’golo Kante possesses the traits of both players.

The Frenchman, according to Wayne Rooney, “does everything” on the field. He interrupts the flow of play and launches an offensive onslaught.

Wayne Rooney told Marca;

“Kante does everything; breaks up play but then plays in tight areas and starts off the attack.

The same thing happened with Yaya Toure, who would receive the ball and surge forward with it, making him extremely difficult to defend against. Kante accomplishes all of this while simultaneously protecting his defense, much like Claude Makelele.

Having a footballer who is both Toure and Makelele rolled into one is unfathomably impressive. N’golo Kante is the finest midfielder in the world, according to FIFA rankings.”


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