The facts about a job and a business

The facts about a job and a business
The facts about a job and a business.

When you put bananas and money in front of monkeys, they will hopefully choose bananas. Mean while, they don’t know that money can still buy them more bananas.

That’s applicable to human. If you offer job and business to people, they will hopefully choose job. Because most people don’t know it, that business can bring more money than salaries and their children will still benefit from it, when they are no more. They continue from where you stop, knowing full well you leave them with enough opportunity to continue with life. While Job, the company house you are living in and the car you are driving will be taken when you are gone(died). You now know, you don’t leave your children with anything but with hardship to face future and enough handed.
Profit is better than salaries because salaries can make you a living but profit can make you a FORTUNE

Come to think about doing Jobs

We have different people, with different likings and capacity to do things, so it depends upon the person. Some feel comfortable with doing the job because of the limited workload and responsibility they have. So it gives them regular fixed income, stability and job security and it gives them easy switch to their employers to better one, If they do not like the job. They have flexibility in changing their jobs as per their growing needs, Experience, qualification and choice.

Then about doing a business

Some think they are made to do business. They love to take that risks, they want to create wealth and live a better life on their own terms and enjoy themselves. Want to grow more in life. They love to work on their convenience time

Doing business requests some acquiring required resources, capital, taking smart decisions, planning and managing people. So it need a multi talented, courage entrepreneurship ability. It demands more of you than job needs. But will give you great rewards/wealth in a few months or years. Its said to be unlimited liabilities.

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