Things to Try and Make Money This Quarantine Period

Things to Try and Make Money This Quarantine Period
Things to Try and Make Money This Quarantine Period.

The past few days have been tough for everyone, all due to the wide outspread of COVID-19 or Coronavirus all over the world.

This has lead to lockdown in Nigeria and many other countries as well. While all of us are at home, quarantined for almost 3 weeks and maybe longer, there must be some who would like to make good use out of this time and follow their passion.

This is the perfect time to do most of the things that you have been putting off all this while due to all the work pressure and a busy schedule. While being quarantined at home and being unable to go out, one could actually take up new hobbies and make productive use of this time.

There are many opportunities out there for those interested in working from home. To make use of this free time, take up some part-time jobs and hone your skills. You can even start your own business and earn some money by doing any of these.


During the quarantine, spending so many days at home, you must have cleaned up your house and cupboards. Along with all the garbage, there must be many things that have been out of use for long but are still in perfect shape. However, they serve no purpose at home.

If you could like to put it to use but can’t go out to donate them due to quarantine, you can start your own thrift shop online and have your own business Not only this, you can even continue this after the quarantine and exchange clothes in return of other items, all online through a website functioning as the shop/store.


Another idea which is highly recommended is that of freelancing. Those who have the skill sets but haven’t really had an opportunity to implement them can try working as freelancers by signing up on different platforms and apps via social media.

Freelancing has been a well-paid job in several domains and can be a great way to spend time during quarantine and even afterward. There has been a surge in demand for content writers, proofreaders, web designers and digital marketers in the past few weeks all over the country and around the world. Putting your skills to use and making some money out of it through freelancing is a highly recommended business idea right now.


Those who have a passion for teaching but haven’t been able to do so due to various reasons all these years can now take on this opportunity and make the best out of it.

Most people who are interested in teaching, coaching or mentorship are either bound by issues like distance, no spare time or the stigma of not being able to go out of the house. For those with such issues, this is the perfect time to own online tutorials via a website or software or be part of tutorial apps.

You can do this simply by registering yourself on relevant platforms. Follow your passion for something useful amidst these crises. This would not only work as a great way to make use of your free time but also be a great help for students and act as a noble source of income.


This business is a sure hit for those who love to cook and harbor a desire for making people taste their food. During times of quarantine, it’s tough for those who depend on cooks and food delivery services as it can be expensive and unhealthy. In such cases, people tend to opt for foror tiffin and meal services for home-like food. There is a huge chunk of urban population that can be tapped and reached out to for meal service benefits.

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