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Things You Should Never Do At Midnight

You are very much lucky if you are reading this because it's really a very helpful article for you and friends, including your families.

You are very much lucky if you are reading this because it’s really a very helpful article for you and friends, including your families.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Even if you’re a night owl, there are a few things you should avoid doing after the clock strikes twelve. You don’t want to end up emptying your wallet, endangering your health, or making a fool of yourself, just because your mind is fuzzy. That’s why you should never do these things after midnight, no matter how badly you want to:

1. Eat a very hard food or eat a lot; When I mention hard food, you know what I mean? I’m talking about swallows like Eba, Tuwo, Semovita and the likes like that. Eating this kind of food in the middle of the night is very dangerous to your health. Let not to talk of if it is in large quantity. It’s not at all good for you.


2. Send a professional email; don’t try to do this because it’s bad and so much unprofessional. Just imagine you sending a professional message to your boss in the midnight? Does that sound right? I know it’s a no. Just avoid doing it.

3. Unnecessary movement; why move unnecessarily? It’s not that your wife want to give birth in the middle of the night or something emergency happens. What exactly are you looking for in the midnight? Don’t try moving in the midnight so as not to fall victim of various bad circumstances.

4. Shouting; Maybe you jokingly shout in the midnight or it’s even a serious matter. You seriously don’t need to shout. You have your mobile phones with you to call your friends and families to attention of what is going on. They will come to your aid.

5. Make a post on social media; it’s so uncultured to make a post while it’s midnight already. Immoral and uncultured.

6. Don’t call people unnecessarily; you really don’t need to call anyone unnecessarily. If you find it difficult to sleep, please, read novels or watch movies on a very low volume.

i really hope I have made a lot of senses.

if you think I’m wrong, please suggest but be sure your comments are sensible and readable for others to learn from. God bless us.

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