This Is The Easiest Way To Make Quality Chin Chin Within 30 Minutes

CHINCHIN procedures

1.Flour (like 2 cups)

2.Grounded Sugar like 1 cup

3.Tin milk like peak or three crowns milk

4.Baking powder (2 teaspoon)

5.Nutmeg (half teaspoon),depending on how much you want it’s aroma to be perceived

6.Sachet Butter(Any kind),you can use Simmas or Kings Sachet Butter

7.Groundnut oil

8.Egg like 5 (Raw eggs)

9.A Pinch of salt

How to make Crunchy Chin chin

1.Take a round bowl, put your flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg,egg,salt,milk and butter

2.Mix everything together, it will give a strong pastry before you roll

3.Take a rolling board, sprinkle few flour all over the board, then cut from the pastry and roll so that it will be smooth and ready to be sliced

4.Put your ground nut oil in your gas cooker or stove so that it will be very hot. And keep the gas on low heat when frying to avoid burning quickly.I learnt from experience

5.Slice your chinchin to the desired shape you want ,then fry till its golden brown, then take it out of the out of the oil immediately so that groundnut oil will not soak it.

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