This Is Why You Are Always Broke And Never Achieve Anything In Life

Many times, you ‘re wondering why you’re making plans for your life but never getting around to get things done; the things you need to make your life better. Such things vary, but there are the same reasons why you never get something done. It’s tempting to believe that the ‘lack of resources’ is responsible for your inability to get things done but you’re going to be surprised to know that there are more resources than you can imagine.

There is one question, however!

You may ask what this problem might be, and if you follow me, I will tell you exactly what it is. But let me ask the following questions:

How do you say when asked to take a (difficult) action which will help you to improve and shape your life or career? You say “I can’t do it” or you’re asking “how can I do it”? What do you do when you decide to make a change that will make your life or career better? Are you thinking “it can’t work” or are you asking “how can it work”?

Whatever you pick, it goes a long way in deciding how things work out for you. So most often whatever you think is how it turns out to be in this way. Let me just explain …

If you say “I can’t do it” or “It can’t work,” you make negative remarks that influence how the job you are expected to perform is interpreted by your mind. Your mind, you see, is like a processor that processes what you feed, and then gives you and output. The Bible says no wonder, “As a man thinks in his head, so is he.” I can’t stress this enough; it’s IMPOSSIBLE you can’t grow bigger than your mindset! It’s what you become that feed your mind.

If you’re good in the mind, it encourages you to strive for outward success, it gives you choices for how you can achieve outward success because in the mind you can’t be good and outwardly fail. Yet when you have a bad attitude, it offers you reasons for why you should stay mediocre and outwardly ineffective. Hope you get the drift now.

And when you say “I can’t do it,” your mind analyses that, and gives you explanations (excuses) why you can’t; or when you say “it can’t work,” you ‘re concerned about processing it and giving you the same outcome-garbage in, garbage out! These are negative words that work in your mind to send you negative outcomes.

Imagine you have only N20,000 as your total savings (we call it home and abroad, Lol) and you are encouraged to invest N10,000 in a company or venture (NOT pyramid schemes, aka MMM, Loom, and so on biko) that can yield a decent return, an ordinary mind will ask, “What can I invest in with 10k? It just can’t work.’ The moment you are going with that thinking, your mind is analyzing it and giving you 1,000 reasons why spending the 10k is a bad idea. So this is how it works.

So, in these circumstances what do you mean then I hear you ask. It is pretty easy. If you’re in the situation as described above, instead of saying “it can’t work,” say “how it can work” or “how I can do it.” The moment you ask those questions to yourself, they open your mind to possibilities – your mind starts analyzing that and giving you ideas about what you can do. This is called “positive affirmation,” because you challenge it to give you possibilities by merely asking your mind a question!

If you haven’t, go read the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

Train your mind for the possibilities and the hopeful. Your mind is the place where everything starts. If you think correctly, then you will do the right thing.

Thanks for reading this little piece i hope you’ve gained one or two from this. Let me know what you think about it.

Dominic Nwodo

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