Three Records That Were Set By Cristiano Ronaldo And Are Yet To Be Broken

Three Records That Were Set By Cristiano Ronaldo And Are Yet To Be Broken
Three Records That Were Set By Cristiano Ronaldo And Are Yet To Be Broken

Cristiano Ronaldo has done many wonders in the world of football and I don’t think that, he is stopping here. The Manchester United forward is creating more records and I believe that, it will never come easy to be broken. In this article, I will be showing you the 3 incredible records that was set by Cristiano Ronaldo and yet to be broken.

1. No Player Has Scored Against (46) Nations

Cristiano Ronaldo can’t stop scoring and he has done a lot of great things for his country, he is indeed a blessing to the world, Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the only player to have scored against 46 nations. That’s incredible, scoring against 46 nations is not an easy task and he is the only player to have done that. I don’t think that, this particular record will be broken easily.

2. No Player Has Scored More International Goals Than Cristiano Ronaldo (112)

Cristiano Ronaldo has made it 112 goals last night, and he played only 45 minutes against Qatar, he scored 112 international goals. This is one of the records that will never be broken easily. It took Cristiano Ronaldo years before breaking this particular record and I believe that, he is not stopping anytime soon, like I said before.

3. UEFA Champions League Top Goal Scorer (136)

You could notice that Cristiano Ronaldo is called Mr Champions League, he always delivered whenever he is called upon. Cristiano Ronaldo made it 136 goals in the UEFA Champions League against Villarreal, when he scored the late winner. No player has more Champions League goals than the Manchester United legend. He might even score up to 150 goals in the Champions League, because he is not stopping anytime soon.

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