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Top 10 Best Free Cash Mobile Apps To Make money Online for smart phone users

Top 10 Best Free Cash Mobile Apps To Make money Online for smart phone users.   Are you in Nigeria searching for Apps That pays you to install them
Top 10 Best Free Cash Mobile Apps To Make money Online for smart phone users.

Are you in Nigeria searching for Apps That pays you to install them? Are from Singapore looking for apps that earn money in singapore for free?

Are you from Ghana curiously searching for apps to make money in Ghana or other parts of the world searching for make money earn free cash Apps?

In which ever location you dwell, You can easily use this lists of make money earn free cash Apps to make some cool cash online at the comfort of your home doing nothing or little tasks with your mobile phones.

Best Make money earn free cash Apps for Mobile Users

All of the below listed apps can be used to make money with your mobile phones when installed. While some do pay for installations and downloads others pays for completing very little tasks for free.

  • 1: Field Agent: make money earn free cash App

    Earn approximately $3 to $12 per task for completing simple jobs such as visiting your local discount store and taking a picture of an assigned product and and verifying let’s price.

    Download the app on your IOS or Android device, complete your profile and start making money that will be sent to your paypal account. The app is use by hundreds of small business and companies.

  • 2:AppTrailers:make money earn free cash App

    AppTrailers is a simple app to make money from. You won’t earn a lot but you will be able to cash out over time. The way the app works is you get credits for watching videos of app promotions.
    The more videos the more points you earn from this free app.

    Videos include games from the likes of EA, Rovio (the Angry Birds guys) and many more leading app and game developers.

    It has not got any better so it deserved to be dropped. However, you get good rewards including PayPal cash and Amazon Gift Cards, that is why we kept it in our list for 2018.

  • 3:AppBounty:make money earn free cash App

    is an international get paid to app that will pay you gift cards to download apps. The rewards are for an international audience so you do not have to be from the US to use this free app.

    There are a large variety of apps available on this app once you download. The points that you earn from downloading these free apps can be exchanged for gift cards for the Playstation Network, XBox, Steam, iTunes and more.

    When you cash out, you tend you to get the rewards quite soon which is a huge bonus when using apps that pay you gift cards.

  • 3:Make Money:make money earn free cash App

    Make Money Earn Free Cash has come a long way since last year and has grown into one of the largest money making app that you can download from the Play Store for your Android device.

    Making money with this app is simple, you make money by downloading free apps, watching videos and completing offers from the sponsors.

    Offers to complete can include signing up for free offers and filling in surveys. The points you gain from these offers depend on the difficulty of the offer.
    PayPal is the only check out option for this app, however they do pay you on time.

  • 4: Survey Mini:apps that pay you to taking surveys

    Be sure to always have your GPS active on your device when you have Survey Mini installed. When you visit certain locations including shops and restaurants you may get a notification and an invite to answer a survey based on that location.

    The aim of the app is solely for market research, however you can get rewarded with gift vouchers and discounts for completing surveys.

  • 5:Watch & Earn:apps that pays you to install them

    This app gives you money for spending your free time downloading apps and watching app videos.

    For each app you download and video you watch you will earn a number of coins. As a result you can redeem these coins for rewards including gift cards from the likes of Amazon and Google Play, while you can also get PayPal cash and Paytm cash vouchers.

  • 6:Tap Cash Rewards:apps that pays you to install them

    Tap Cash Rewards keeps getting better and now they have over $15 different rewards options to choose from.

    Rewards now include Skype gift cards, Google Play vouchers, gift cards for Fido, Koodo, Target and many more.

    With over 83,000 5 star reviews it is among some of the most respected and loved apps by the Android community.
    You earn money with this app by downloading apps and logging in daily.

  • 7:Tapporo:apps that pays you to install them

    Tapporo is not the highest paying app, however it is one of the most reliable of all the rewards apps that pay you cash available on the Android store today. You can also find a web version of Tapporo meaning that you can earn cash with both your desktop and with your mobile device.

    The stand out difference between Tapporo and similar earn money apps is the large referral reward of $0.60 for signing up your friends to the app.

    When you reach the threshold, you can redeem gift cards for Google Play Amazon, Facebook and you can receive PayPal cash.

  • 8:Cash App:make money earn free cash App

    This app has gone from strength to strength over the past year. One of the differences with this app compared to others is the fact that it does not have a points systems but rather, it tells you exactly what the task is worth in USD.

    You can earn money with Cash App through completing offers, downloading apps and sharing the app with your friends on social media and Whatsapp.
    The app has a nice interface and is very easy to use.

    There is a good referral program to get rewarded to sign up your friends, however if you use a VPN, you get your account banned and can lose your money.

    You can get paid with this app through PayPal, Skrill and Webmoney.

  • 9:Surveys On The Go:Apps That pays you to install Them

    Surveys On The Go is a survey app as you may have figured from the name. Available for iOS and Android devices it is among the highest paying apps offering surveys from up to $5 for your opinions.

    Surveys are generally quite regular per month and are normally based around the topics of rating TV shows and movies, your opinions on products and shopping.

    If you like making money with surveys, then you will love surveys On The Go!

  • 10: Facebook Research App:Apps That pays you to install Them

    $5 – $10 per Month for Active Participation (i.e., install and keep the app running in the background)

    $5 – $10 per Referral per Month. So if you refer 3 friend, you would get extra $15 – $30 every month. Just make sure you and your friends actively participate every month.

    $20 Extra per Month for Every 5 Active Referrals. So let’s say you have referred 10 friends who are actively participating every month along with you.

    So you would get $ 10 for your Participation + $ 100 for your 10 referrals + $40 (as per $20 bonus for 5 referrals) referral bonus = $150. And this is monthly reward.

    So you will continue getting this reward every month as long as you and your referrals are active.
    this project is handle by Utest and Utest is big name in testing app industry so do not worry about safety.


    1:Android Mobile with Android 6.0 or above version or Apple mobile with iOS version of 8.0 or above

    2:Paypal Verified Id to get payment. (You can create paypal id later also)

    3:Invite is require to join this research app. (We will invite you for this app)

    Steps to Join Facebook Research App:

    1. This app program is Invite Only. Whatsapp us your full Name and email id on +2349028334078 so we will invite you.

    2.Now wait for few mins to invite mail come. We send invite quickly and reply you on whatsapp.

    3.After got 1st mail click on link given in mail and register using your paypal email id. If still not register on paypal then use your same email id while making id on paypal.

    4.After registration, On next page you will get app download link and your unique code to install app. You will get 2nd mail also instantly with same details.

    5.Download facebook research app and give all necessary permission to app to keep running in background.

    Keep checking daily app should be active. In Mi mobile its show in notification, In other mobiles its show key icon in notification bar.

  • 1.Turn on Autostart for app.Goto setting -> Permissions -> Autostart -> turn on AutoStart for Facebbok research

    2.In Mi mobile Goto setting -> Battery -> Choose apps -> Facebook Research -> No restrictions

    3.Keep checking daily app is showing a notification and active.

    6.Within 6 hour you will get 3rd mail about to update payment details and refer friends.

    7.Now again wait for 48 to 72 hour for 4rd mail. In 4rd mail you get app installation confirm mail

    8.After 4rd mail come just keep app installed and you will get payment of $5 on 15th of every month. (You must 25 day old user to get 1st payment)

    9.Refer friends to earn more.

    Refer and Earn

    • 1.To Refer friend click on link Refer a Friend Here
    • 2.Enter your name and your email id and then friends details.
    • 3.Your friend will get Invite mail instantly and ask him to register and download app.

    Your Monthly Payout:

    Earn $5 per month for each month you are active in the program
    Earn $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 referral.

    Earn $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days

    Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five active referrals (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.)

Wrapping Up: Top Paying Legit make money earn free cash Apps

All of the above are lists of apps that pays you doing very little or no task. Most of these apps aren’t apps that pay you to install them.

However, You can make money from all of the apps listed above while some do pays per installation and downloads others pays for completing very little tasks and taking surveys


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