Top 10 Crypto Currency That Can Make You A Millionaire

Top 10 Crypto Currency That Can Make You A Millionaire

A crypto currency is a digital asset that work as a source/medium of exchange where individual coin owner record are stored in a computer database with strong cryptography to ensure transaction record are secure.

With over 4500 crypto currency in existence, choosing the best 10 is not an easy task.

After much investigation and research here is the top 10 crypto currency that can make you a millionaire.

BITCOIN (BTC)This remain the most popular and the best crypto currency that dominate the coin market.

RIPPLE (XRP)This is one of the most promising coin of the list, with a solid technology and network that quickly open new opportunities in international commerce.

LITECOIN (LTC)It is the fastest and the most affordable crypto currency when it come to payment.

ETHEREUM (ETH)Although ethereum is is not as popular as BTC but it’s also a very popular crypto currency and by far the most influential one. The reason is because it blockchain enable thousand of project to develop. And ethereum is a little over $200 now.

Neo (NEO)Neo is another crypto currency that is actually becoming valuable. Since January 2019 neo had nearly double from $7.50 to $12 Current price.

ZCASH (ZEC)In term of privacy this is the best coin to invest in. The coin current market value is $11.2


TRON (TRX)ONTOLOGY (ONT)The above listed coin can make you a millionaire in few years if you invest in any of them.

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