Top 10 EPL Players That Earn The Highest Amount From Instagram

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Top 10 EPL Players That Earn The Highest Amount From Instagram

Social Media pays a good amount especialy if the account holder has been verified. One of the top paying Social Media platforms is the Instagram. Most celebrities especialy footballers earn big from posting in Instagram. Most of the top players that earn much from Instagram are those from the English Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most paid English Premier League player by Instagram. He has 354 Million followers on Instagram. The Manchester United foward earns £1,505,000 per post on Instagram. This means that if he posts just once every week then he earns £6.02 Million a month. If you do an annual calculation then you will find out that the amount Ronaldo gets from Instagram is more than his annual salary.

Four of the top 10 most paid Premier League stars by Instagram are from Manchester United. That is Paul Pogba, Raphael Verane and Marcus Rashford. Paul Pogba has 48.9 followers on Instagram. He earns £208,000 per post from Instagram.

The third most paid EPL player by Instagram is Mohamed Salah who earns £189,000 per post from Instagram. The Liverpool striker has 44.3 million followers on Instagram.

Here are the top paid EPL players by Instagram.


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