Top 10 Most lucrative jobs that can make you a billionaire in Nigeria

Top 10 Most lucrative jobs that can make you a billionaire in Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria has been a very difficult and tedious task for many youth. So today I bring you top 10 most lucrative jobs in Nigeria

Here are the top 10 most lucrative jobs in Nigeria.

10. Aeronautical engineering; These are set of people that takes care of the aeroplane. they repair damaged or faulty parts of an aeroplane.

9. Pilots: These set of people fly the aeroplane and they are handsomely paid. An average pilot collects up to 180,000$ per month.

8. Investment bankers.

7. Telecommunication engineering

6. Surgeon: Being a surgeon requires a high level of expertise, and you have to go through alot of training to become one.

5. Petroleum engineering: In countries like Nigeria,Saudi Arabia and so on where there are deposits of crude oil, petroleum engineers are in high demand.

4. Programmers.

3. Musician: You might not believe this but music is one of the most richest aspect in the entertainment industry.

2. Pastor: Being a pastor with congregation can be rewarding at times as the members of the church might show their appreciation to you through buying of expensive things for the pastor.

1. CEO/Business mogul/Entrepreneur: Being an entrepreneur is actually the best if you want a stress free and enjoyable job.

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