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Top 20 Lists of Legit Affiliate Companies in Nigeria to make money online

Top 20 Lists of Legit Affiliate Companies in Nigeria to make money online.

Having discussed some highest paid per click affiliate marketing companies in nigeria and best buy traffic affiliate programs where you can get high affiliate commissions, i shall be discussing some top 20 list of affiliate companies in nigeria at random.

Some of this affiliate programs aren’t pure affiliate but referral programs which allows you to refer users to earn while other requires you to make sales. However , they all are included in our lists of top affiliate companies in nigeria

20 list of affiliate companies in nigeria:

Below are some top legit affiliate companies you can use in making money online in Nigeria

  • SEMRush Affiliate program

    It will help you implement a great SEO strategy, improve the results of your Ad efforts, build a highly effective social media strategy, and create PR content that will help you achieve great results.

    They also offer an affiliate marketing program that rewards members with 40% commission on every sale they bring in.

    you get a referral to pay $100 in a month, you’ll earn up to $40 from the referral. If you get 100 referrals, you’ll earn up to $4,000 monthly.

  • 2:NNU affiliate program: is the largest new reading website that paid you to read news, gists latest happenings in Nigeria and many more.

    This website is more than just an information website, they pay readers to read, comment, share posts to facebook and lots more and people earn up to atleast N50k monthly.

    Paul Samson its owner started this website in 2017 and its been a success; empowering our Youths.

    With Nnu affiliate program known as Nap, you are automatically an affiliate when your account get approved after registration. As an affiliate, you stand to earn huge commission of 62.5% per referral on anyone who join NNU income through your referral link.

    When you introduce your friends or anyone to participate in N.I.P earning opportunity. You earn instant 62.5% = N1,000 naira commission when anyone successfully register on NNU Income Program.

    The more people you refer to join N.I.P earning opportunity the more 62.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantages of N.I.P opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.

    So how to become their Affiliate?
    You the follow step to register fast

    Step 1: www.Nnu.Ng to register

    Step 2:On registration, you need to purchase the NIP Pack of N1,600. You can either buy it using your card online or you’d be provided with bank details where you can pay to
    Or you use paid stack.

    Step 3: Pay and your account will be approved within 24 hour.

    Now after your account has been approved, you can start promoting and making your money.

    After registering and approved:

    Every day you log in to the account, you are credited N350

    Share a sponsored post to your facebook timeline, you earn N100

    Comment and read posts on the site, you earn N50 and so on
    You can read everything on their website here.

    First to share sponsored post get N500

    How to withdraw to your bank account :
    When you reach the withdrawal thread hold you put your bank account in the following format;
    Bank Name
    Account number
    Withdrawal Amount

  • 3:Jumia affiliate program

    It’s a high paying affiliate program that will transform your blog, site, or social media account into a gold mine.

    All you have to do is to transfer your visitors to any of the hundreds of stores hosted on Jumia. Then, just wait for the money to roll in.

    Jumia’s affiliate program offers :

    1:A visitor of your website clicks on the affiliate link.

    2:His IP address is recorded in his browser.

    3:He looks around Jumia looking for what to order.

    4:If your visitor buys something, it will be recorded as your sale.

    5: jumia will confirm the sale.

    6:You’ll get your commission earning on the end of each month.

    1:Commission up to 11%

    2:You get commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of clicking

    3:Payment via local bank transfer

    4:Premium commission possible

    5: Full support from our team at any time

    6:Regular promotions – More money for you

    7:Keep an easy overview of your payments through Quality Click interface


    1. Choose from a selection of Jumia advertising media

    2. Note: Choose your banner according to your target

    Text Links: Adapt it to your content and make your visitors click!!!
    Example: Buy latest mobile
    phones at!
    Product Feed: Drive more sales by using detailed product information

    As you are probably aware, the management of the Jumia website pays their affiliates and
    partners commission only when those that are referred to them buy products from their

    And they pay up to 11% commission on every sale. That invariably means that you can make N1,100 on a product with a value of N10,000.

    Assuming that your affiliate marketing efforts results in a sale of 10 of such products in a
    particular month, you end up making a commission of N1,100 x 10 = N11,000.

    But you can only achieve this target, if you have a fully-functional website or blog which serves
    as your front office. Without a website, therefore, you cannot participate in the Jumia Affiliate
    Program. Below are other requirements for participating in the program.

    1. A Laptop with an Internet Connection

    2. A Fully-functional Website or Blog

    3. A Valid Postal Address

    4. A Bank Account

  • 4:Udemy affiliate program

    Udemy is one of the world’s largest online tutoring platforms with a vast number of highly valuable courses, which are all put together by thousands of highly experienced instructors.

    Their courses are also mostly far better and more intuitive than whatever you would have paid for in Nigeria or any other country around the world.

    In their affiliate program, they pay the affiliate marketer 40% of whatever the value of the course they successfully got a lead for is.

    With most of their courses costing about $200, getting 100 people to register for a $200 course would rake in at least $8,000 in affiliate marketing revenue for the referrer.

    Udemy is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing courses on the internet. It will teach everything about affiliate marketing from the beginner level to an expert affiliate marketing level that earns thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. still on the lists of affiliate companies in nigeria

  • 5: GetPoinDexter affiliate program

    GetPoinDexter is a great startup that helps small businesses and individuals automate the forecasting and budgeting for their business plans easily.

    They run an affiliate program where they reward their affiliates with a 20% commission.

    You could promote GetPoinDexter to small businesses and people you know that have problems creating simple financial forecasts and budgets.

  • 6: GTbank Affiliate Program in Nigeria:

    earn some money for yourself in Nigeria just by referring other customers to open a GTbank account.

    While there are lots of banks in Nigeria, many only allow you save money but gt-bank gives you an extra opportunity to make more money through what it calls the gt-bank i-refer program.

    How to register GTbank Affiliate

    1: Obtain a Form:
    Basically what you are suppose to do firstly is get an i-Refer form from any GTBank Branch near you.

    2: Fill and Submit.
    Complete the GT Bank i-Refer Affiliate Program form with all necessary and correct information as to enable them approve your application really quick.

    When you complete the registration :
    1:An i-Refer GTBank code is generated for you.

    2:The person you refer gets an e-mail inviting them to open an account with GTBank.

    You get a N100 reward in cash for every active and successful referral.

  • 7:StartupLister affiliate program

    What the platform basically does is to help you submit your startup information to over 120+ blogs for a feature.

    Coupled with this, StartupLister offers a high paying affiliate program where they reward each affiliate with 20% of whatever a referrer the person brings on board pays.

    So if a referrer pays $89, you’ll earn $17.8 per person. If another pays $299, you’ll earn $59.8 per person.

    You can promote your StartupLister links on technology blogs, gossip sites, Facebook, and a lot more places.

  • 8:Kickstagram affiliate program

    Kickstagram is a powerful platform that can turn any Instagram page into a powerful sales and marketing channel.

    It is a platform that is perfect for PR professionals, marketing professionals, sales professionals, resellers, freelancers, affiliates, and bloggers.

    They also run an affiliate marketing program where they pay affiliates 15% of the value of any transaction they bring their way.

  • 9:LivePlan affiliate program

    With this, you can prepare rich business plans with amazing financial forecasts as long as you know what you’re doing.

    Promoting this product to business owners and financial experts by showcasing amazing business plans generated through the online tool is a great way to drive up your sign ups.

    LivePlan is also one of the high paying affiliate marketing programs, and will pay $20 per sign up. If you can drive 100 successful signups every month, you’d earn at least $2,000 monthly from it.still on the lists of affiliate companies in nigeria

  • 10: Grammarly affiliate program

    Many top bloggers worldwide that churn out great content use Grammarly to perfect their articles.

    They also offer an amazing affiliate marketing program where they pay every affiliate partner $0.20 per FREE sign up, and an extra $20 if the person eventually makes a purchase.

    if you get 100 people to sign up through your link without paying, Grammarly pays you $20 for FREE. But if you get 100 people that sign up and subscribe to Grammarly’s service, they’d pay you $2,000. If you can get 1,000 people to sign up for FREE, you’d get $200. If they pay, you’d earn $20,000.

  • 11:DreamHost affiliate program

    this is a web hosting affiliate program where individuals and business owner can buy their domain and hosting platform.

    They are one of the high paying affiliate programs because, they offer up to $120 for every successful sign up you bring their way.

    This means that if you can get 1,000 people to pay for their service in a month, you’d earn $120,000 from DreamHost the next month.

  • 12:Web4africa Affiliate program

    With her headquarter based in Ghana, Web4africa deals on professional reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and Windows platforms.

    It also offers an affordable domain name registration and e-commerce solutions for residents in Africa and world at large.

  • 13:Digital marketing skill Institute affiliate program:

    instead of advertising sellable products, it is the course you will promote on your blog or website. You can even do it on your social media platform.

    And for every one of your referral that attends the course, you earn a cool sum of ₦20,000

    How to Digital marketing skill Institute affiliate program:

    1:Register and you will be given a unique code with tips on how to promote the digital marketing course.

    2:Send the name, phone number and email of the person you are referring with your unique code.
    They will be contacted.

    3:And immediately the payment is made, you will be credited as well.still on the lists of affiliate companies in nigeria

  • 14: Konga Affiliate Program:

    Konga is also one of the best affiliate programs to make money. If you choose this option, you’ll get to enjoy their generous commission rates. Currently, they stand at up to nine percent of the product’s price.

    How To Register Konga Affiliate :

    Visit their website and fill out the registration form.

    Review your password and all relevant information sent to your email.

    Sign into your affiliate account and pick from a number of banners or other promotional options.

    If a visitor goes to Konga from the link on your website or SM account and makes a purchase, it will count as your sale. After it is approved, you’ll receive up to nine percent in commissions by the end of each month.

  • 15:Wakanow affiliate Program

    This website is a member of the Limited. It’s also one of the continent’s most popular travel businesses.

    This affiliate program allows you to sell their services such as airplane tickets, hotel reservations, and travel tours on your pages to receive significant commissions (in the form of discounts) with each purchase.

    Those are the four best affiliate programs in Nigeria. But that doesn’t nearly cover all the options out there.

    There are also numerous places to go on a global level, where you’ll receive your pay in USD.

  • 16:Ipages affiliate program

    Ipages, another top web hosting company, is also one of the high paying affiliate programs Nigerians can take advantage of. Their affiliate program is so enticing that they can pay up to $110 per sign up.

    if you get 1,000 people to sign up on Ipages in a month, you can earn up to $110,000. If you get 100 to sign up on Ipages in a month, you can earn up to $11,000.

    This makes it one of the top high earning affiliate programs to join in Nigeria.

  • 17:Template Monster Affiliate program

    Their web platform, they have thousands of amazing themes to choose from, especially for people looking to either start a blog or build a website for their businesses.

    Affiliate marketing program that offers up to a 50% commission to the Affiliate marketer.

    If a website theme that’s bought on Template Monster costs $100 for instance, you could earn up to $50 on the sale. Successfully selling 1,000 themes through your affiliate link will rake in $50,000 in one month.

  • 18:MaxBounty Affiliate program

    Great affiliate network with low and high paying affiliate programs.

    What makes this special is that you can even get paid for getting people to download an application promoted by any affiliate program on their network.

  • 19:Shorte. St and Adf. Ly Affiliate

    Allow you to earn about a hundred dollars each month, provided you have the necessary following

    With all of the choices presented to you above, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t dive into an affiliate marketing program right now.

    Remember, your potential income is only limited by the traffic you gathered. Still on the lists of affiliate marketing companies in nigeria

  • Affiliate Program:

    Wakanda nation affiliate program is similar to nnu . The platform are almost the same.

    They both pay you N1,000 per referral
    And you need more referral to earn from the platform.

    This one pays every Sunday and joining fee is N1,300 (One-time payment).

    How to Register for wakanda affiliate program:

    1:register from

    2:After registration, you need to click the affiliate area , pay N1,300. You can either pay using your card.

    3:Pay and your account will be approved.

    After your account has been approved, you can start promoting and making your money.

    Thing You Earn From
    1:N50 for daily login to your active account.

    2:N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.

    3:N1 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.

Wrapping Up: Trending affiliate companies in nigeria

There are more unlisted legit affiliate companies in nigeria. if you have used any of them ,you can share via the comment section below.

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