Top 4 Websites That Pays Writers $75000 Weekly

op 4 Websites That Pays Writers $75000 Weekly.   Are you a good article writer that is looking for blogs or sites to write for?, well Hera are the list of blogs
Top 4 Websites That Pays Writers $75000 Weekly.

Are you a good article writer that is looking for blogs or sites to write for?, well Hera are the list of blogs that pays you very well to write articles in the categories of; education, lifestyle, health, celebrities, business, technology, parenting etc.

I will also want to clarify, that all the sites on this list are trustworthy and genuine; I have written for at least a few of them, and readers have sent in stories of having successfully written for several sites on this list.

1. Scotch

Scotch is a web development blog that is searching for writers to write articles and tutorials. They accept and take tutorials on a host of web development-related topics..

They pay $150 per article

2. Tenderly

Tenderly is a website that accept vegan lifestyle publication and this medium pays writers to write content.

It is also necessary to take note of the fact that you don’t necessarily have to be vegan to write for them but your content needs to be vegan-focused.

They pay writers within a short period of 30 days of accepting an article.

They pay at least $200 per article.

3. Funds for Writers

Funds For Writers is practically searching for articles writers with the purpose of helping writers by paying them per written article. They accept articles relating to market profitable businesses.

They pay $50 per article through PayPal.

4. Writers Weekly

“Writers weekly” pays writers to write articles.

If you are looking for websites that pay very well for writing articles, well know need to keep searching because this sites pay writes very well.

Writers Weekly pays $60 per article. They pay immediately after accepting articles and accept registration of writers from all over the world. They will only be able to pay writers through PayPal.


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