Top 40 Modern Duplex House Designs With Photos

Who is your father ? Is a common question when someone is set to humiliate you. It's really not a question about name or gender

Who is your father ? Is a common question when someone is set to humiliate you. It’s really not a question about name or gender. It a question about who do you know in the society. Those who matter in the society. And if you can’t answer this question very well, you may lose election as a politician, you may lose employment as someone seeking job, or lose promotion as a civil servant.

It’s not the question of asking if this is right. but this is where our society is heading towards. That is why every father should give it what it takes legimately, to have something worthy for their children. If you enjoy producing children, than you are duty bound to take good care of them. Because these are lives we are taking about. It your duty to give them quality education, it is your duty to feed them and it’s your duty to give them decent shelter.

If you can fulfill all these, than you have done your part. You can be rest assured that you are a good father, even your ability to leave housing property or landed property for your children, signifies that you make a mark of living. Some people are only remembered, just because of their name. At least everyone bears a name, that is the only thing they will be remembered for, and nothing more.

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