Top 5 Best Midfielders In The Premier League This Season

Ranking the Top 10 best midfielders in the EPL based on current form Top 5 Best Midfielders In The Premier League This Season

The Premier League is undoubtedly one of the best leagues in Europe. The competition is so high that any club could win any of the trophies. It is regarded as the toughest league due to its tough competition, unlike other leagues. Today, we will be taking a look at the five best midfielders in the Premier League currently. See some of them below:

5. Youri Tielmans (Leicester City)

There is no doubt that Youri Tielmans is having a great time at Leicester City, though I am expecting bigger clubs to bid for him. He is currently one of the best midfielders in the Premier League and he has also scored some outstanding goals.

4. Declan Rice (West Ham)

He is one of the most important players for West Ham. He is a great defensive midfielder who also pushes the ball forward. He is the number 4th on the list for me.

3. Naby Keita (Liverpool)

His work rate is great because he tries to run on the field to get the ball back from his opponents. He is a great asset for Liverpool and he has also scored some outstanding goals.

2. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

I would have rated him as the first on the list, but due to the recent performances of Manchester United as a team, he dropped to the list. He is so great at giving through passes and he is one of the players any club would wish to have.

1. Bernando Silva (Manchester City)

His work rate is great. I call him English Messi due to how he cuts in through the defence of his opponents. He is so good at dribbling, assisting his teammates and also scoring wonderful goals. He is the one who tops the list.


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