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Top 5 Best Part-Time Jobs Can Do Online As A Student

Top 5 Best Part-Time Jobs Can Do Online As A Student  You may be getting financial support from parents/guardians, siblings, and other relatives but these handouts
Education costs

Top 5 Best Part-Time Jobs Can Do Online As A Student

You may be getting financial support from parents/guardians, siblings, and other relatives but these handouts are barely able to cover all your financial needs as a student.

Besides the academic needs, you have wants and desires to fulfill as a person; you need extra dough and that extra dough has to come from you.

If you know that doing any form of business will clash with your academics, I do advise you to focus on your studies.
Very important note: you’re not advised here to relegate your academic obligations and pursue money. Don’t get it wrong, if you know that doing any form of business will clash with your academic undertakings.

I do advise you to focus on your studies- first things first and all that. If however, you have mastered the art of combing your studies with other endeavors and you would love to make extra income while studying, keep reading.

There are many ways to make money online without stress nor capital, all you need is a good smart phone or laptop and a good internet connection.

Your phone can do more for you than just chatting and posting on social media. Your phone can fetch you lots of fun, as well as lots of legitimate money.

Remember, more money is more fun, and independence must start from finance. On this note, here are 5 online jobs you can do as a student to earn an income without being distracted from your studies.

Affiliate Marketing

Many businesses are looking for online promoters and marketers to help in the promotion of their businesses online.

The internet has united the world as a community and created a general market for all forms of buying and selling.

Just as businesses make good use of the platform, you too can utilize the opportunity. To be able to this, you need to gain profound online presence in all the social media platforms.

The more contacts, connections, friends and followers you have, the greater chance you have at making money online through marketing.

You mustn’t necessarily be an influencer, before you can make money online through marketing. Businesses like Jumia and Konga and others always need marketers or agents to help in promoting their goods and services.


This is one of the foremost ways of making big money online, one can be successfully rich through blogging.

But blogging requires great management of time and activeness, it may be difficult combining your studies and blogging.

Still, if you are capable of taking the horse by the reins, you’re free to ride. You can blog on articles, news, fashion, food, sports and so on.

Also, you mustn’t own your own blogging website before you can blog. YouTube has a large platform for video blogging, OperaNewsHub also has a platform for all types of bloggings (News, Articles, and Videos).

These sites and more pay people to blog in their platform, all you need to do is obey their rules and regulations.


Important, writing may be a talent, but anybody can develop it as a skill. What is required are learning, practice, dedication and consistency.

You can earn money writing for websites and blogs online; be it news, articles, short stories, freelancing and what have you.

This particular endeavor will fetch you more money and more knowledge, once your ability to research and write is good. Writing is something you can do in your free time, it wouldn’t interfere with your studies, and equally aid in improving you academically and otherwise.

Sites where you can get started include: Fiverr, Freelancer, Listverse, Copyhackers, Cosmopolitan, Longreads, Greatist and others.

Once you can obey all copyright regulations; you can browse for more, apply, work and start earning.


Research surveys have transcended from ordinary paper to digital. There are online surveys that pay for accurate and original data, responses and feedbacks from people.

These surveys are easy and don’t take time, some are done within 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Although the pay per survey is small ranging from $1, $1.5, $2 to $3; but when accumulated, it can help fulfill one of your projects.

This kind of endeavor can serve as a savings plan for you, because, when it accumulates, it’s a big sum. Some sites that pay for surveys include; The Panel Station, MySurvey, and others.

You can browse for more, apply, work and start earning.

Comedy Skits

This may not necessarily be a job, but anything you earn money from is business. Once it’s paying, that’s a good job, there are many ways to make money.

This aspect of business is both fun and financial; you can earn money from posting video skits on YouTube and other platforms.

A lot of people are bored while some are depressed and looking for what to cheer them up online. Gone are the days when people only gather to listen to jokes, now, they watch online.

You can make good use of this opportunity, especially if you have great sense of humor, you can also collaborate with people that are good in acting comedy.

It doesn’t consume time, just as students go for choir practice, football practice, dance practice and others; you too can start a comedy practice.

This advice may sound funny, but, if one can be funny and still earn money, what else could be more fun? Professional comedians now make more of comedy skits than performing on stage, because they understand the importance of the internet in promoting business and making more money.

This advice is not only pertaining to students, it extends to the unemployed, and those employed but are interested in making extra income.

Too much money isn’t enough money, earning can be diversified. These are endeavors one can do as part-time, because business knows no bounds or limits.

We have needs and wants to fulfill, hence, it’s not wise to depend wholly on one source of income. From the above, just pick one or two that suit you, focus and make money out of it.

Lastly, as a student, make sure that taking up part-time jobs, not just online part-time jobs; don’t complicating your academic program in anyway.

Don’t forget, your academics must take precedence before any other thing. It’s good to make money, but, be sure you can carry the weight of the cross; for it’s never an easy task.


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