Top 5 Heavy Mistakes In Email Marketing You Must Avoid

Top 5 Heavy Mistakes In Email Marketing You Must Avoid.   Experts have observed that spending approximately $1 on a certain email campaign can yield up to $32
Top 5 Heavy Mistakes In Email Marketing You Must Avoid.

Experts have observed that spending approximately $1 on a certain email campaign can yield up to $32 of return which is quite impressive.

Now, email marketing can be complex sometimes which ultimately leads to reduced open and click through rates.

Apart from looking into technicalities like SMTP authentication to increase the reliability of your email campaigns, there are certain other factors that we tend to overlook. These factors are essentially the mistakes that we make in email marketing.

Do you feel that you are doing everything but still not getting the expected outcome from your email campaigns?

Then perhaps it is time for you to ensure that you are not making any of the mistakes mentioned below. Here are top 5 most common mistakes in email marketing:

1. No CTA
Call-To-Action is absolutely necessary, you just can’t afford to omit it. CTA defines the purpose of your mail and that’s necessary. If you are sending a newsletter or some kind of update or anything, there must be a purpose.

Your goal is to derive conversions and for that, you will need a clear cut CTA. At the same time don’t be too enthusiastic; don’t put too many CTAs in just one mail. The simple tip is to maintain a balance.

2. No Personalization
Do you think personalization is a buzzword? No, it is more than that and it makes an email marketing campaign successful. Let us checkout figures; an email that is personalized gets about 14% and 26% higher click through and open rates respectively.

Try and customize the emails as per the unique requirements, interests, and preferences of your clients.

3. No Segmentation
Give out relevant content depending on the customer personas. You can’t just send the same mail to all your clients because a specific segment might not find your mail relevant and eventually that will kill their interest in your stuff.

There can be different demographic as well as psychographic segments of your clientele and to engage with them you must distinguish them and provide the right content that will invoke their interest.

Too many Emails are Bad
Don’t send promotional content too many times. Rampant emails can increase the number of people unsubscribing from the email list. Life is too busy nowadays and there’s no time for too many messages.

Don’t you feel annoyed watching your inbox brimming with promotional emails? You can send emails once or twice in one week.

Ask your subscribers to mention their interests and preferences, ask them about how frequently they want to be updated, according you can divide and plan your email marketing campaigns.

At the same time don’t be too laid back and don’t take an eternity to send emails to your subscribers else they will get bored. Maintain a balance and keep updating them from time to time.

Neglecting Sender Reputation
Your sender reputation is a crucial factor that you MUST consider! It shows how authentic or reliable you are as a sender. Don’t send out too many emails with irrelevant content to a large group of people, this might have a massive negative impact on your sender reputation.


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