Tradepander Review: Scam or Legit | How does it work

Tradepander Review Scam or Legit How does it work
Tradepander Review: Scam or Legit | How does it work.

*Tradepander* may be a community of worldwide professionals within the finance sector. On *Tradepander,* we harness the facility of the Multi-billion dollar Forex market and other calculated investments opportunities to bring you secured returns on investment.

On *Tradepander* you earn between 32%-40% return on investment every 30 days counting on the Investment package you’re on. Tradepander’s fixed rate of exchange is 400/$.
These are the packages Tradepander

*STUDENT* you invest $8 which is N6000

And get paid N9000


*REGULAR:* You invest $30 which is N12,000 and obtain paid N19,400


*STANDARD PACKAGE* You invest $60 which is N24,000 and obtain paid N35,680


*PREMIUM PACKAGE:* You invest $120 which is N48,000 and obtain paid N68,400


*RUSH PACKAGE:* You invest $240 which is N96,000 and obtain paid N133,200


*GOLD PACKAGE:* You invest $480 which is N192,000 and obtain paid N272,400


*MASTER PACKAGE:* You invest $2,400 which is N960,000 and obtain paid N1,347,600


*NOTE:* You don’t need to do anything like sharing a post. Just invest then Tradepander helps you grow your funds.



Registration on Tradepander are often wiped out two ways 👇

🔰Either by buying a coupon code from their authorized vendors.

🔰Or by making deposits using cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH)


There is also agent bonus weekly. Which is from 50-500$

Depending on the agent level.

We have 3 agent levels


🔰25 direct downlines and total chain of fifty persons get 50$ extra per week.


🔰100 direct downlines and total chain of 500 persons get 100$ extra per week.


🔰250 direct downlines and total chain of 1000 persons get 500$ extra per week.



On tradepander you’ll earn big via our multi-level referral system.


You don’t only get referral bonuses for brand spanking new persons you cause the platform, you furthermore may earn bonuses from you downline’s referrals up to the 3rd generation cool right?


You can sit back and earn thousands of dollars in passive income via your chain of referrals while you furthermore may watch your personal investments grow.


Below may be a breakdown of referral levels.

Direct referral – 5%


Ist Generation – 2%


2nd Generation – 1%


3rd Generation – 0.5%


4th Generation – 0.25%


5th Generation – 0.125%


*Tradepander pays you whenever those that you’ve got invited invites others. So together with your investment and with the Tradepander multilevel referral system, you’ll be making thousands of dollars.*


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Is scam?

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