Two Facts About Tithes Most Contemporary Pastors Might Not Tell Or Teach You

Two Facts About Tithes Most Contemporary Pastors Might Not Tell Or Teach You

The subject of Tithes is no doubt a controversial issue in Christianity. This is because some schools of thoughts within the religion think it’s not a Christian practice. While others think it’s an ordinance handed to children of Israel. And so, through Abraham, Christians have inherited it.

However, be it as it may, we are going to discuss the other sides of tithe most pastors will never preach. In order to do justice to it, we shall be making references to the Bible to analyze the issue properly. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Tithes Were Not Given To Priests Alone

Contrary to the popular belief that all members of the tribe of Levi were priests, there’s a correction to make. The Bible never states that all of them were priests. Rather, it say that the priests shall be appointed from the tribe. Now, if all of them were not priests, yet tithe were given to them, it means tithe were not meant for priests alone, but for the children of Levi.

If I’m correct, there were priests and non-priests Levites. That’s why the Bible talks about Tithe of the tithes or sacred tithes. While the whole tribe got the tithes from the children of Israel, they removed the tithe of the tithes. This is automatically the part meant for the priests. Numbers 18:28. Please, get things right here.

Then, for those who still preach tithe, I want to ask, who are the Levites in this age, and who are the priest among them. Israelites were not commanded to pay tithe to the priests directly. Instead, it was the non-priest members of the tribe that paid one tenth to the priests. It was paid from the tithe received from the children of Israel. Think about it, and teach the right teachings.

2. There Were Four Types Of Tithes

Yes, most pastors will not teach you that there were other types of tithes apart from the Levitical tithe, which they claim. Even though, there are no Levites in Christianity. Likewise, there are no longer dichotomy between Jews and Gentiles.

The four types of tithes there was are: The feast tithe, Levitical tithes, the tithe for the poor and the priest tithes. The feast tithe was commanded to be eaten by the tither, his family and friends, if any. Duetronomy 14:22.

The Levitical tithes are to be given to the children of Levi in general, as explained above, Leviticus 27:30-32. Then, the tithe for the poor is kept at strategic places in the City for the poor, strangers, Levites, etc. Deuteronomy 14:28. Finally, the priest tithe which is also called the sacred tithe, belong to the priests. It is the one-tenth of the Levitical tithe that belong to the priests alone.

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