Two Things You Must Know To Create Wealth

Wealth has been a topic that has been debated on for long. Many people are swimming in poverty today not because there are not intelligent or brave enough to have money but very wrong mentality has kept them there. When you view things from a wrong direction, you can never get such thing.

To be wealthy, successful, rich and happy is the plan of God for our lives and no the other way round. Even Jeremiah 29:11 says “ I alone know the plans I have for you, the plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, the plan to bring about the future you hope for “ this is God himself speaking and this clearly shows his plans for us is to be prosperous and not wallow in poverty.

There are many people out there who still believe ‘money is the root of all evil’. If money and wealth were to be bad, God would not have given it to some of his special servants like Abraham, David, Solomon and many others in the bible. You can’t say you are serving God and you are poor.

Please, if you must be rich and wealthy, you must change you mentality about money and avoid some of the notions like ‘God gives money to special people’, ‘you need money to make money’, ‘money is evil’ and many others.

I want you to know these two things if you want to create wealth and build a life you will be proud of.

1.    Know where you are

Some people are poor and living in misery but there don’t know. You can never go to any location when you don’t know where you are coming from. It is a very big step to success by telling yourself the truth. When You are always in debt, lending money, acquiring liabilities, broke and you can’t tell yourself the truth that you are living in misery, then there is problem. If you want to be rich and wealthy, put yourself on the table and dissect it. Check out the things you are doing that are not aiding you financially, check your liabilities and assets and weigh which is greater. Self discovery is a very vital quality needed if you want to be wealthy.

2.    Know where you are going to

You can never get what you cannot see. The more you can see, the more you will go. Don’t let your current situation weigh you down if you want to be rich and successful. We are living magnets and our thoughts and emotion goes a long way to create our reality. Set goals even if you don’t know how to achieve them. Once you do this, you put your brain into action and you will see how solutions and answers will come to you in the form of insights. This is one of the principles most great men use and it has worked wonders for them, try it and see how it will work for you.

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