Unknown person transfers $160 million worth of Bitcoin

Unknown whale transfers $160 million worth of Bitcoin
Unknown person transfers $160 million worth of Bitcoin

Data obtained from Bitcoin Block Bot, a crypto analytic tracker, revealed that an unknown BTC whale has just transferred 3,334 BTC ($160M) in block 670,275.

Prevailing market conditions at the flagship crypto market reveal large crypto investors and traders are moving large stacks of Bitcoins which are typically referred to as Bitcoin whales.

Global investors and crypto-traders are now holding on to the world’s most prized crypto though it’s often difficult in anticipating market movements within the ever-changing crypto market. Bitcoin whales have shown historically that they often determine the BTC trend.

At the time of drafting this report, Bitcoin traded at $47,660.46 with a daily trading volume of $83.6 Billion. Bitcoin is up 2.29% for the day.


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