Ways You Can Earn An Extra N50,000 Every Month

Ways You Can Earn An Extra N50,000 Every Month
Ways You Can Earn An Extra N50,000 Every Month.


Maintaining a blog is big business in Nigeria nowadays. For those who do not understand, Blogging is simply the art of writing short articles for various interesting sources and publishing them online. They can be about your personal life, society, politics, entertainment, gossip or a combination of all. All you need is a computer, phone, laptop or tablet. You can start blogging in minutes and there are numerous articles online on how to start a blog. You make money on blogs if you have a lot of visitors. Advertisers see your visitor numbers and can pay you the best Naira to place their ads on your blog. People can earn between N50,000 and N2 million a month simply by being a well-known blogger.

Use your skills or talent to provide a service:

Businesses and individuals always need a casual service. It can be laundry, taxi, cleaning, teaching, training, etc. Making money with a service depends on the type of skills you have and how many people appreciate it. For example, if you are good at math, you can start a math class near you for kids who write lessons in class. If you are good at sports like football, you can start a kids training session on your assets. Parents are willing to pay for these services when they see them. Do you like to write, why not start making a blog for a fee? By the time you write ten articles a week, you may be earning enough to earn that extra salary.

Use your profession:

As a full-time lawyer, accountant or engineer, it is not possible for your services to be required on an ad hoc basis yet. You can offer these services in your spare time, upon request for a reasonable fee.

Own a Business:

ManyNigerians increase their income by owning businesses that they operate at home or in stores. Nothing prevents you from doing this. Some even earn as much money as belonging to the full-time company.


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