What is Crowd1? Is Crowd1 a scam or legit?

Crowd1 Is it legit
What is Crowd1? Is Crowd1 a scam or legit?.

Crowd1 may be a network company or a club for networkers that’s supporting online gaming and gambling.

You check in under the one that invited/introduced you and upgrade to at least one of the 4 essential packages. once you upgrade you get (Owner’s Right) also referred to as shares.

It’s really hard to to mention if Crowd1 is really a scam but there are some controversies surround this company as late:

Crowd1 has been described as a pyramid structure by the Norwegian Lottery Authority. The lottery authority has not made an assessment of whether the business is against the law or not, they need requested Crowd1 to elucidate their business model in additional detail.

In Burundi, 17 people were arrested for running a “get-rich-scheme” involving Crowd1.

The Philippine SEC has issued a warning stating that Crowd1 isn’t authorized to solicit investments from the general public and advise people against investing.

You can Read the review of Crowd1 here

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission issued a cease-and-desist order against CROWD1 Asia Pacific Inc.

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) of South Africa isn’t investigating Crowd1, because there haven’t been any complaints.

The bank of Namibia has declared Crowd1 as being an undesirable practice with no actual products.


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