What You Can Do If You’re Struggling to Have a Stable Income

What You Can Do If You’re Struggling to Have a Stable Income
What You Can Do If You’re Struggling to Have a Stable Income.

1. Drop that poor mentality

The reason for the title is that we are living magnet and we become what we think about. There is no way you have a poor man’s mentality and expect money to come your way.

A man who believe that money is the root of all evil can never be rich, a man who believe that God has selected a few people to be wealthy cannot be rich hence you have to drop all those mentality before money and wealth can locate you.

2. Start reading books about finances and wealth

Wherever you want to go in life, there are people who have been there so study about them. Read books written by successful people about finances. Read and study books written by people in you field. Financial intelligence is more important than money itself and it can only be gotten through reading. Money cannot come to you when you don’t know anything about it so learn about it first.

3. Practice the act of giving

There is a more spiritual meaning to this but I am giving out this point because it is a principle that God has ordained. Be very generous, pay your tithe, and give gifts to men and women of God, give to the poor and needy with the little you have.

Remember the story of Elijah and the woman in the bible. When you give, nature will find a way to return it back to your in double. This principle has worked for me and it can also work for you. You don’t need to have 1 million naira before you give, from the N1000 you have, give N200 out of it and see how things will go in your favor.

4. Take calculated risk

Those who believe all online business is a scam will have a hard time attracting wealth into their lives, those who are afraid to take risk cannot be wealthy in life. Mark Zuckerberg will say “ it is a risk not to take a risk” . Life itself is a risk so you will do yourself no good by being comfortable in your comfort zone.

You need to go out there are start working, take calculated risk. Sandile Shezi became the youngest millionaire in South Africa at the age of 23 after investing his entire tuition fees into the stock market, a risk which later paid off. If you don’t learn to take calculated risk, money cannot come your way, don’t always play it safe when it comes to money issues because you cannot reap where you do not sow Warren Buffet became a Billionaire just by investing at the right place at the right time so get out of your comfort zone and try things.

5. Associate with good friends

Mark Zuckerberg once said “I invited five people to my room at Harvard to discuss a business opportunity but only two came to meet me. Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin. Today, all three of us are billionaires. When a friend talks to you about a business opportunity, listen and open your mind. If he came to you, it’s because he saw something great in you.” The simple lesson I can derive from this speech is that just one good friend with the right idea can turn around your life for good.

Stop associating with people that have no potential in life. even the psalmist began by saying in psalm 1:1 that “ blessed is the man who walks and lives not In the counsel of the ungodly, not stands in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down where the scornful gather”. Wrong people with poor mentality can ruin your life. Don’t settle for the less in life.

Remember that life will not give you what you want but what you deserve so get up and work and see how nature will bring riches and wealth to you. Please I want to live you with this last quote “in your quest for riches, don’t lose the things that money cannot buy”.

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