When Is Inksnation Payment Starting

Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification
When Is Inksnation Payment Starting.

Most people are such a lot disturbed and anxious about when inksnation payment are going to be received by each of it users to their account.
The initial cashout which was December 13th before it had been postponed to January.

Insknation payment wasn’t just postponed alone, a replacement change for account verification was also placed on each account.

The accounts that were verified before were deactivated and asked to be verified again using their bvn else it’ll not be activated and such user won’t be ready to claim an equivalent amount of 12,000 Nigerian Naira.
Is Inksnation A Scam?

Many are so worried about whether inksnation may be a ponzi scam or some quite redemption platform to save lots of people from poverty.

Since the introduction of inksnation, people have begin to inform their friends and neighbours about the ponzi which is yet to fulfil his promise to his users.

Whether insknation may be a scam or not, it’ll be discovered by the top of January 2021 if it’s unable to pay it users again arising with several excuses then it’ll be dawn on those that have register that they need actually being scammed.

Insknation Payment and Verification

First, we would like to tell all inks members that another Inksnation Verification method are going to be arising soon. BVN might not be required thanks to the fear of scam by members who don’t know that Inksnation is registered with CAC as legit.

Refund for Inksnation BVN Verification payment for people who successfully verified their account using BVN is Ongoing. have you ever received your #200 refund from Inksnation?
Inks Market Update

On December 14 to December 20, 2020, Inksnation market will hold altogether 36 states including Federal Capital Territory ( FCT ).

Inksnation Account Pinkoin to Bank Transfer Update
On March 12, 2021, sending of Pinkoin on our spendable balance to our checking account will begin. If you’re a Bronze member, you’ll be ready to send your 12k pinkoin to your checking account , and if you’re a silver member, you’ll send your 18k pinkoin to your checking account .

A portal are going to be opened in your Inksnation account where you’ll put your checking account details to request for withdrawal From your Inksnation dashboard.


Inksnation Merchant Updatee

On March 12, 2021, merchants also will start full work or operate in order that we will start using our DRCB balance to shop for goods and services like buying or purchasing, foodstuffs, cars or vehicles, TV, rent house, buy houses, buy land, pay school fees, pay the electricity bill, then more.

Inksnation is functioning hard to form sure we live royally and Queens. twiddling my thumbs with UDI knowing that this project isn’t easy to realize in at some point thanks to the various challenges he has faced on the journey.


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