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Which country has high CPC? And CPM AdSense Niche List 2021

High Paying AdSense Countries List 2021 Which country has high CPC Which country has high CPC? Which Adsense niche pays the highest? How do i buy high CPC ads on Adsense? Which country has lowest CPC rate?? If these questions are bothering you then i will be able to assist you to seek out out the answers during this article.

Google AdSense program is that the biggest hope for each blogger to form their first earning from their blog. But the quantity of cash one can earn from AdSense depends on country-specific traffic. If your website traffic is usually from Adsense highest CPC countries, then you’ll make an honest amount of cash monthly .

E.g. if your website is getting clicks from America or Canada then you’ll make an honest amount of cash . except for an identical amount of Indian traffic website, the Google Adsense income are going to be very low. Before revealing the very best Paying AdSense Country List, let me answer few basic questions associated with Google AdSense program.

Top 10 Highest CPC Ranking By Countries 2021:

This is the screenshot I took from my Google Adsense account reports. you’ll also do an equivalent and determine the highest countries with high CPC keywords. Just attend your Adsense account and make a custom report where you’ll add the columns you would like to see .

Top 10 Highest CPC countries Base on Adwords bids

United States
Marshal islands
United Kingdom
New Zealand

What Is Google AdSense and the way It Works?

Google AdSense is an advertising program which basically runs supported CPC or cost per click. In simple terms, Google AdSense will provide you an HTML code which you’ve got to place in your website.

Then you’ll determine various advertising banners or text link on your website. Now when a user clicks on those links or banners, you’ll earn some commissions.

But, what proportion money one can make using Google AdSense program?

This depends completely on the speed of click or CPC which is about for your country. Means, if your country features a high cost per click, then definitely you’ll earn more for a specific click. On an identical note, for similar clicks, you’ll make less money if your website traffic is usually from Asian countries.

If you’re a newbie bloggers and really serious to form money from your blog through Google Adsense program, then you ought to know that you simply need to bring traffic to your blog from those highest paying Adsense CPC countries only.

But, where to seek out the list of Google Adsense top paying country list? and the way to seek out high CPC keywords with low competition in order that you’ll easily bring traffic to your website?

Check the below screenshot where you’ll clearly find that how I find a high-CPC keyword which may offer you $183.39/click. Isn’t it amazing? i exploit SEMRush free trial account and located many beneficial keywords for Adsense easily.

FAQs associated with High CPC AdSense Countries

what’s CPC rate?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is that the amount you earn when someone clicks on your Ad. CPC is decided by Advertisers supported various factors. Mostly if the press To Convert ratio is sweet , then CPC are going to be high, otherwise, it’ll below. E.g. if you merely click to see , but do not buy then Advertisers will lose their money. So, for those countries where this type of behavior CPC rate will below.

E.g. if your avg CPC is $0.25, then you’ll make $1 for each 4 clicks you receive. But this is often also counting on CTR (click through rate) of your page. Means, if I consider your page has 1% CTR, then you would like 100 visits to urge 1 click, means daily 400 visits for 4 clicks.

what’s an honest CPC rate?


There is no such limit on the CPC rate. Obviously, if it’s higher, you’ll earn extra money from less number of clicks. This happens with few of the High CPC AdSense Niches like Insurance, Cryptocurrency, etc.

How do i buy high CPC ads on AdSense?

To get an honest CPC Ads, you would like a really high traffic website and your traffic country is from any of the High CPC Countries, then only you’ll earn an honest amount of cash .

Is high CPC good or bad?


Yes, it’s actually excellent as you’ll earn extra money from AdSense with a less number of clicks & traffic. But confirm that you simply aren’t generating fraud clicks for more profit. this manner your adsense account will ban.

what percentage Adsense ads are you able to have per page?

Although you’ll have unlimited AdSense ads on one page, but it;s still an honest practice to place less number of ads on a page. you’ll also activate Auto-Ads and it’ll determine the acceptable places to insert Ads for more clicks.

what’s Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)


How much does Google Adsense pay per pageview? what’s CPM in advertising? If your website is getting 1 page per visit, and if every page has 3 ad units and an impact CPM (CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions”) of $1, then you’ll earn $3 per 1000 visits. meaning , if you get 1000 visits a day , means monthly 30,000 page views to earn $100 monthly only from the impression.

what’s the difference between PPC and CPC?


PPC is pay per click which may be a sort of advertising you’ll choose while using Google Adwords. Generally, advertisers like better to choose PPC ads where they provide CPC or cost per click way of paying money.


what’s CPC and CPM on AdSense? Is CPC or CPM better?


This is clear enough from their definition itself. When CPM means for thousands of page impression you’re getting to pay and just in case of CPC, you’ll be paid on every clicks your website ads receive.

what proportion Does AdSense Pay Per Click

Now why the country matters when calculating AdSense CPC? the rationale is extremely simple. If a user clicks on the Google Adsense and either buy the merchandise or generate a Lead then the conversion is sweet . which is what advertisers are trying to find .

Majority of the high CPC Adsense countries can see a really good conversion on clicks. that’s the rationale they’re willing to pay extra money for advertising. On the opposite hand, countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh see very low conversion rate.

This is the most reason to make a decision which country will get high CPC and which country will get low CPC. Hope this is often clear to know Google Adsense earnings per click.

You can earn for each clicks you receive on your Google Adsense ad and also for impression also .

More High Paying AdSense Countries 2021

Here I even have added CPC, CTR (Click Through Rate), RPM related columns. And here is that the outcome.

I have downloaded the info from my Google Adsense account then sort them consistent with high CPC. And here are the small print below. This list prepared based my Google Adsense account clicks and earning. it’s going to not be an equivalent for you exactly, but i’m sure that the highest countries are going to be them only.

Updated 26/11/2018

Country CTR CPC (USD)
Luxembourg 0.55% 0.65
United States 0.75% 0.61
Australia 0.72% 0.57
United Kingdom 1.06% 0.48
Finland 0.54% 0.45
Canada 0.79% 0.45
Austria 0.69% 0.45
New Zealand 1.21% 0.33
Sweden 0.70% 0.31
Ireland 0.73% 0.31
Denmark 0.70% 0.28
Singapore 0.96% 0.27
South Africa 1.13% 0.26
Norway 0.63% 0.26
Netherlands 0.80% 0.26
Unknown Region 0.63% 0.25
Bahamas 1.71% 0.24
Germany 0.52% 0.22
Switzerland 0.59% 0.21
Belgium 0.53% 0.21
Spain 0.67% 0.19
Djibouti 3.06% 0.19
Thailand 0.80% 0.17
France 0.76% 0.17
Colombia 0.29% 0.17
Puerto Rico 1.40% 0.16
Guatemala 0.74% 0.16
Greece 0.64% 0.16
United Arab Emirates 1.37% 0.15
Russia 0.39% 0.15
Malta 1.34% 0.15
U.S. Virgin Islands 3.85% 0.14
Mexico 0.39% 0.14
Japan 1.14% 0.14
Italy 1.35% 0.13
Hungary 0.76% 0.13
Hong Kong 0.94% 0.13
Côte d’Ivoire 0.69% 0.13
Somalia 0.94% 0.12
Dominica 2.33% 0.12
Costa Rica 0.45% 0.12
Brazil 0.79% 0.12
Yemen 0.33% 0.11
Uganda 0.80% 0.11
Panama 1.68% 0.11
Oman 1.43% 0.11
Nigeria 0.76% 0.11
Malaysia 0.94% 0.11
Kuwait 1.56% 0.11
Israel 1.21% 0.11
Dominican Republic 1.12% 0.11
China 0.66% 0.11
Cayman Islands 0.68% 0.11
Botswana 1.38% 0.11
South Korea 0.82% 0.1
Qatar 1.22% 0.1
Argentina 1.09% 0.1
Saudi Arabia 1.64% 0.09
Czechia 0.96% 0.09
Jamaica 0.42% 0.08
Cameroon 0.71% 0.08
Bahrain 1.24% 0.08
Afghanistan 1.35% 0.08
Zambia 0.52% 0.07
Trinidad & Tobago 1.41% 0.07
Portugal 0.74% 0.07
Poland 0.40% 0.07
Mongolia 1.57% 0.07
Kenya 0.76% 0.07
India 1.64% 0.07
Brunei 1.01% 0.07
Zimbabwe 0.47% 0.06
Turkey 0.93% 0.06
Suriname 1.04% 0.06
Sierra Leone 1.29% 0.06
Romania 0.71% 0.06
Kazakhstan 1.16% 0.06
Indonesia 0.73% 0.06
Honduras 0.81% 0.06
Estonia 1.53% 0.06
Egypt 1.20% 0.06
Cyprus 1.26% 0.06
Algeria 1.30% 0.06
Tanzania 0.85% 0.05
Myanmar (Burma) 1.18% 0.05
Moldova 1.27% 0.05
Haiti 1.41% 0.05
Ghana 0.51% 0.05
Fiji 1.15% 0.05
Congo – Kinshasa 0.94% 0.05
Bulgaria 0.48% 0.05
Solomon Islands 4.35% 0.04
Serbia 0.36% 0.04
Philippines 2.66% 0.04
Peru 0.37% 0.04
Pakistan 0.70% 0.04
Namibia 0.92% 0.04
Mozambique 0.96% 0.04
Maldives 0.82% 0.04
Macedonia (FYROM) 0.54% 0.04
Iraq 1.58% 0.04
Guyana 0.65% 0.04
Cape Verde 2.38% 0.04
Bhutan 1.08% 0.04
Barbados 1.76% 0.04
American Samoa 21.43% 0.04
Vietnam 0.90% 0.03
Ukraine 0.32% 0.03
Taiwan 1.54% 0.03
Swaziland 0.67% 0.03
Sri Lanka 0.66% 0.03
Rwanda 1.19% 0.03
Paraguay 4.82% 0.03
Papua New Guinea 0.61% 0.03
Nepal 0.88% 0.03
Mauritius 0.44% 0.03
Macau 1.59% 0.03
Lebanon 1.62% 0.03
Latvia 0.64% 0.03
Jordan 2.10% 0.03
Iran 0.25% 0.03
Guam 1.22% 0.03
Ethiopia 0.70% 0.03
Congo – Brazzaville 1.91% 0.03
Bolivia 3.25% 0.03
Belarus 1.00% 0.03
Bangladesh 0.92% 0.03
St. Lucia 0.70% 0.02
Seychelles 1.32% 0.02
Morocco 0.35% 0.02
Mali 0.84% 0.02
Malawi 0.25% 0.02
Lithuania 0.71% 0.02
Libya 1.28% 0.02
Liberia 2.47% 0.02
Chile 0.49% 0.02
Caribbean Netherlands 1.83% 0.02
Cambodia 0.54% 0.02
Burundi 1.65% 0.02
Benin 1.09% 0.02
Angola 1.02% 0.02
Timor-Leste 1.23% 0.01
Syria 1.34% 0.01
Sudan 1.17% 0.01
Senegal 0.36% 0.01
Madagascar 1.38% 0.01
Georgia 0.71% 0.01
French Polynesia 8.33% 0.01
Burkina Faso 3.33% 0.01
Can I Trust On This List Of Best Adsense CPC Countries 2021?

Frankly speaking, Google Adsense never share any such information officially. supported various sources and their observation this list is ready .

You can assume that these are the countries generally getting an honest rate of conversion for Adsense clicks or their monetary value per click is best . If you’re an Indian blogger, then the typical cost per click in India is extremely compared to those countries.

You can start analyzing this list and check out to seek out out the high CPC keywords in those countries and rank them better on an enquiry engine. this may definitely increase your Adsense income drastically.

How To Apply For Google AdSense Program & Get Approved?

If you’re a newbie and wondering the way to get Google Adsense account approved, then let me tell you that it’s not that easy lately to urge your AdSense account approved. albeit you’ve got a lively Adsense account, it are often banned just in case you’ve got not followed Google Adsense policies.

Anyway, considering you’re applying for the primary time here are the essential steps to use Google Adsense account. Follow this AdSense Tutorial on the way to get AdSense Approval for your blog. Here may be a quick guide.

Click check in now.
Enter the URL of the location that you simply want to point out ads on. Learn more about the way to enter your URL
Enter your email address.
Choose whether you want AdSense to send you customised help and performance suggestions.
We recommend that you simply choose Yes so we will assist you get more out of AdSense. you’ll change your contact settings later.
Click Save and continue.
Sign in to your Google Account.
Select your country or territory.
Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
Click Create account.

In case your Adsense account got banned, then you want to try these Adsense alternatives.

What Are High-CPC AdSense Keywords?

Keyword research is one among the foremost important tasks to be performed before writing any content. once you are getting to earn money using Google Adsense, then you’ve got to focus on high-CPC keywords. the aim is straightforward , the more clicks you’ll get on such keywords, the income are going to be high.

But this type of keywords is extremely tough to rank. As obviously they’re high-competition keywords. So, you’ve got to know the actual keyword and check out to make an internet site round the broad keyword of that keywords. Here comes the importance of high-CPC Adsense niche.

Here is that the list of hottest and high paying Adsense niche that you simply can target to make an internet site . But remember to try to to proper keyword research to seek out the acceptable low competition & high search volume. Otherwise, it’ll be very difficult to create organic traffic.

Insurance $57 CPC
Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
Mortgage $47 CPC
Attorney $47 CPC
Loans $44 CPC
Lawyer $42 CPC
Donate $42 CPC
Conference Call $42 CPC
Degree $40 CPC
Credit $38 CPC
How To Utilise This List Of Adsense CPC Keywords By Countries 2021?

Well, it’s very simple. If you’re looking to form money online through Google Adsense program, then you ought to start blogging on topics associated with these countries.

Just writing isn’t enough, as you’ve got to grow your website and begin getting organic traffic which actually converts in clicks. attempt to determine the high CPC low competition keywords using tools like SEMRush.

You can also work on micro niche keywords targeting those high paying countries and make excellent money from Google Adsense program targeting the high CPC keywords.

In most cases, we put our maximum efforts for India based keywords obviously & we will bring very high traffic also. But within the case of Indian traffic, you’ll get very low income. E.g. for one among my India based traffic website, for 96,341 page views, we received only 6,551 clicks and final earning is merely $296.34. this is often simply pathetic. ?

So, don’t waste some time anymore. Simply register with SEMrush Free Trail account and begin finding high CPC Adsense keywords that your competitor is getting huge traffic & making money.

So, if you actually want to urge an honest return from your diligence , then attempt to build an internet site on keywords around those highest paying Adsense countries list 2020 [High CPC Keywords]. you’ll really get good income for even low traffic, albeit the competition could also be high, but it’s worth trying for those high CPC countries.




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