Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Class Above Other Footballers

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Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Class Above Other Footballers

 Cristiano Ronaldo is living proof that hard work can beat talent. He shows that if you truly want something and are ready to make sacrifices, then achieving it is just a matter of time.

Ronaldo was definitely born with talent, but if you compare his natural talent to other players who stand in his league- Pele, Di Stefano, Maradona, Ronaldo (Brazil), Zidane, and of course Lionel Messi, Cristiano is less talented than all of them. Don’t get me wrong, with his natural talent alone he will still be a great player, just not as memorable as the players he gets mentioned alongside.

What Cristiano Ronaldo did achieve greatness was break the rules! He kept changing himself: his body, his physique, his style, his approach to the game throughout his 15 years long senior career to realize his dream of becoming an all-time great. He combined his breathtaking skill with his physical attributes to bring out a player never seen before, a player who was good at just about everything that could be asked of an attacking player. At the peak of his powers Ronaldo could:

Dribble elegantly

Run ridiculously fast

Take superb freekicks (especially his perfection and popularization of the knuckleball technique made his freekicks a spectacle when he got them right).

Score from long range.

Score from close range, thanks to intelligent movement and speed.

Score stupendous headers

Create chances for his teammates.

Contrary to “popular belief” Ronaldo was in his prime an outstanding chance creator. Too bad it never got acknowledged enough when it existed! Entertain! Entertain! Entertain!

There was a time when rival fans would switch on the TV to watch a Real Madrid or Manchester United game just to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in action.

But what was/is Ronaldo’s Chemical X?

There is every ingredient for the perfect player, but what makes them combine to form the ultimate football player? It is his Strong mentality!

Cristiano Ronaldo shows what kind of mindset one needs to be the best in his business. To be the best, you need to believe that you are the best. You need to be ready to take criticism and turn it into your strength.

He has received so much hate throughout his career. He could have easily caved in and broken down multiple times but he didn’t. This is the kind of resilience one needs to have. He answers his critics on the pitch to the extent that they are scared of doubting him again.


Cristiano Ronaldo crying after winning the Ballon d’Or after being beaten to it 4 years in a row by Lionel Messi. Imagine the frustration after performing brilliantly but just missing out on the top spot. Now Multiply this by 4!!!


Cristiano Ronaldo hugging his mother.

She says Cristiano is the greatest thing that could happen to a mother. Ronaldo was about to be aborted before being spared. He was an unwanted child. A supposed financial burden on his poor family since they already had 3 children to look after. When asked how he felt knowing about it, Ronaldo coolly replied “Nothing, it wasn’t her fault.” His mother suffers from anxiety issues and Ronaldo constantly has to look after her. He reportedly dumped Irina Shayk because she disrespected his mother.


Cristiano Ronaldo has throughout his career maintained that Sir Alex was like his father in football. His dad passed away when he was only 21 and Alex Ferguson has taken on that role ever since. Cristiano Ronaldo to this day reclines towards Sir Alex Ferguson whenever he needs advice.

Ronaldo is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve immortality in their field of choice. He shows why sports are great.


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