Why Is Messi Finding It Hard To Score Goals In Ligue 1?

Messi wrote beautiful story of football with his left leg when he was in Barcelona. It is an undeniable fact that FC Barcelona's story cann

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Why Is Messi Finding It Hard To Score Goals In Ligue 1?

Messi wrote beautiful story of football with his left leg when he was in Barcelona. It is an undeniable fact that FC Barcelona’s story cannot skip the countless pages of exciting football tales Messi has written in their book with his ingenuity. When Messi moved to PSG to meet his former teammate, Neymar Jr, everyone thought ligue 1 would be European’s most fascinating league in the 2021/2022 season, and also brings honour and glory to France.

Unfortunately, his transfer to PSG this season has tainted his story with doubts and inadequacies. It looks like his beautiful story is gradually coming to an end. In fact, the final chapter seems to be closing faster than one would have imagined, considering the drama unfolding before our eyes during The League matches. Statistically speaking, Messi made five appearances for PSG and scored only one goal and no assist. In his debut appearance, he came on as a substitute in the match against Clermont Foot on September 11, where PSG won 4-0, with none of the goals been scored by Messi. This pattern of not scoring goals was repeated in PSG’s match against Club Brugge on 15th September and Lyon on 19th September. Apart from not scoring goals, he was not assisting the other forward lines like Mbappe and Neymar to score goals.

Three factors are accounting for Messi’s inability to score more goals, and give assists in Ligue 1. These factors are;

The manner of his transfer

Messi left Barcelona in a manner that most of his fans are not happy with. On 8th August, 2021, he struggled to control his emotions. Lionel Messi said on that Sunday in his farewell to Barcelona that he was not prepared to leave the club. He was crying even before he started speaking at his farewell ceremony at the Camp Nou Stadium, he had to stop talking to compose himself a lot of times. He felt like he was been forced to leave Barcelona. This has psychological effects on him and affected his style of play.

His Age

The only thing that is constant in life is change. Messi was in his prime when he started playing for Barcelona. He join Barcelona at the age of 13, he made his competitive debut when he was 16, in October 2004. A simple calculation will tell that Messi spent almost 18 years out of his 34 years in Barcelona. Messi by nature is not physically strong compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. He joined PSG at a relatively old age, where most footballers retire or think of retiring , he cannot exhibit the same agility, pace and styles we used to see in the early 2000s and 2010s.

Unfamiliar Terrain.

Messi had spent over 17 years playing for FC Barcelona. That is the only experience he was related to, prior to his PSG signing. He knew Barcelona’s terrain like he was the one who created it. In Barcelona, he was the king. He was both a player and a manager. In Paris Saint Germain, the story has changed. He is not the captain, he is not the decision maker and he does not know the terrain very well.



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